15 Whisper Confessions About Exes That Go Deep

Breakups are hard AF. In the best of a bad scenario, you and your ex would decide to go separate ways and that would be it. There wouldn’t be any awkward returning of things, explaining to people what went down, and hoping that you’ll get back together. Unfortunately life — and our hearts — don’t work that way. Relationship baggage exists.

The heart does heal with time, but everyone has to go through the breakup cycle. And just when you think that you’re finally over your ex, you can be hit with another way of emotion. I know the twists are turns might be hard to deal with, but I want you to know that you’re not alone. And these Whisper confessions prove it. Here are 15 Whisper confessions about ex boyfriends and girlfriends that will probably hit home.

1. When you make a decision about your ex and immediately regret it.




2. What is a girl to do?




3. Grass is greener?


What’s wrong with me?


4. Guh.


If I could turn back time…


5. Surprise!


Is there a filter you can put on to stop this from happening?


6. Right to the truth of it.


So much emotion.


7. When you can’t quit each other…


Dare we define what’s going on?


8. Anyone else out there?


Who wants to step up?


9. Looking for a friend here.


These thoughts keep going around and around.


10. Surprise twist.


Sometimes it does more harm than good.


11. When old feelings begin to resurface…


I thought we were beyond this!


12. #Guilty


Why can’t I stop thinking about the ex?


13. The exes live on in dreams and daydreams.


How do you make it stop? Seriously!?


14. What is going on?


We did breakup, right?


15. Because exes always pop up when you least expect them.


Why do things always seem to work this way?


What’s the hardest thing to deal with in regards to your ex? Let us know in the comments!


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