What’s The Deal With Nose Hair?

Just going back five years, body hair — particularly female body hair — was not talked about as openly as it is today. If it was brought up, the topic was likely how to remove it. Thankfully, people are becoming more open and there’s no longer a shame or awkwardness about female body hair. People are finally getting it’s a normal thing. Of course, there is still always work to be done before people feel 100 percent comfortable talking about all aspects of body hair.

One area that isn’t talked about as much is nose hair. Let’s get real: Nose hair is often associated with grandpas. So, it’s understandable that females who are nowhere near the senior age demographic might feel a bit awkward about bringing it up. Don’t worry, girl, we’re not shy about covering all topics, why is why I’m tackling nose hair today.

What’s the deal with nose hair?

Whether you love, hate, or don’t mind your nose hair, have you ever wondered why you have it? There’s actually a reason. Adult humans have nose hairs to protect us. They’re basically thought of as “nature’s filter” because they help keep contaminants, pollutants, and other nasties from going up your nose and causing trouble.

There are actually two types of nose hair, according to the New York Sinus Center. The first one is probably the one you’re thinking of when you hear “nose hair.” It’s the darker hairs around the nostrils that can sometimes grow long enough to poke out the nostril. The second type is called “sinus cilia.” They’re microscopic hairs. Both of them do the same job of trying to protect the respiratory system.

My hair isn’t growing out of my nose quite like my grandpa’s, but I don’t like it. Can I remove it?

You might have seen some *real* celebrities sharing nose hair removal selfies on Instagram. They show that it can be done, but it’s actually not the best choice. I just told you that nose hairs are there for a reason. When you remove them, you’re removing that filter that helps block things from getting up your nose. When you lose your nose hair, you can actually put yourself more at risk for sinusitis and even nose bleeds. It’s basically like removing a screen from a window and leaving it open all the time.

You might be tempted to pluck some of the hairs, but that’s actually a bad idea. Not only is it painful AF, it can cause ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are annoying and unsightly on other areas of the body, but they can be dangerous in the nose because they can lead to infection. Given the proximity of the nose to the brain, things can get dangerous.

Have you ever heard of the “danger zone triangle?” It’s the area between the corners of the mouth and nose that a lot of people warn about picking zits from because it can lead to infection because those blood vessels carry blood up to the brain. The same principles apply to plucking nose hairs in the area. If a hair gets infected, it can potentially lead to infections as extreme as meningitis. I don’t want to scare you, but it’s true.

What if I just want to trim the nose hair?

Many might see this as a good compromise because you’ll still have some hair to keep your nose protected, but the hairs won’t be as effective compared to ones you leave be. It’s your call girl. If you do decide you want to groom your nose hairs, avoid using tweezers and try using a trimmer specifically for your nose. You’ve probably seen the round one that your grandpa/dad/uncle uses. That will work for you, too.

If you don’t feel like buying a new beauty tool just for your nose hairs, you could use a pair of clean manicure scissors. But it’s essential that you are very careful and that you do not stick the clippers up your nose. You only want to trim the hairs that hang out of your nostrils. And you want to watch every snip. No one wants a cut nostril.

How do you feel about body hair in general? Let us know in the comments!


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