22 Unique Arm Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

Some people like to think of their entire bodies as a canvas. It’s a good philosophy if you love tattoos. What sometimes ends up happening is that people focus on specific parts of their bodies rather than seeing the full thing as a blank canvas. That can lead you to miss out on some great spots to tattoo, like say your arms.

Before you say that arm tattoos are dated, hold up. I’m not talking about ’90s armbands. (Although, we know that everything old becomes new again and I bet in a few years ’90s armbands will be the tattoo to get.) To clear another thing up: No, arm tattoos don’t always have to involve a full sleeve.

The arm is a large space which means there are ample places to get inked and an array of designs to choose from. You can get a design on the lower arm, the back of the arm, your shoulder, around your elbow, across the side of your arm, and more. In terms of design, pretty much anything goes, large or small. Instead of just talking, how about we take a look at some ink inspiration? Keeping scrolling down to see 22 unique and gorgeous arm tattoos.

1. Green Leaf

For all nature girls. Note the placement on this tattoo.


2. Sunset And Ocean

Great placement and a great option for those who want to keep the summer spirit alive.


3. Barbed Wire Heart

Barb wire heart for Robyn today, thanks for coming in chick!

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Read into this what you want. You can’t go wrong with the back-of-the-arm, above-the-elbow placement.


4. Dotwork Flower

Sometimes you don’t even need color to produce a beautiful flower tattoo.


5. Nature Scene

This V-shape is unexpected but so cool.


6. Tiny Leaves

This list could be filled with nature-inspired arm tattoos.


7. Flying Plane

For those who heart traveling…


8. Dog Face

This is so adorable. It’s interesting how it doesn’t have an outline but the dots and lines still create such a defined shape.


9. Dandelion And Birds

The effect of this ink is brilliant. It looks like the dandelion is actually blowing in the breeze.


10. Linework Cactus



11. Tomato And Basil

Who loves their food?


12. Butterfly Tattoo

The geometric design adds a really striking finish.


13. Watercolor Flowers

You can’t go wrong with a delicate flower tattoo, especially these blue and pink cherry blossoms.


14. Be Happy

Simple message. Simply beautiful tattoo.


15. Girl Power

Where are my girls at?


16. Raspberry Tattoo

These berries look good enough to eat. Does that sound weird?


17. Baltimore Beacon Coin Design

● 'The Baltimore Beacon' ● • ○ 'COIN' ○ Tattoo Design. • Forearm Tattoo / Coin design from last month at @skinnedalivetattoo for Elma. This tiny structure is based on the Baltimore Beacon in County Cork, Ireland. Love finding out about these structures and buildings through doing this job. Definitely pushes me to look & study things I would never had took the time to look at – because i sure wasnt aware of this bullet shaped beacon along with lodes of other sweet crazy structures I've found through custom designs for previous clients. Thankyou Elma for the fun project and for visiting the studio. ● ° ° ° bookings@mikestouttattoo.co.uk ° ° ° ° ° ° #illustratoryblackwork  #illustratorytattoo #blackworkerssubmission #blackworkers #linedrawing #landscape #irishtattoo #drawing #illustration #geometric #graphicdesign #blackinktattoos #graphicdesign #armtattoo #ireland #dotwork #brightontattoo #uktta #mikestout #blackandwhite  #dotworktattoo #blackclawneedles

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You can work almost any building or landscape into this coin idea.


18. Horse Band Tattoo

You could easily turn this into a unicorn tattoo.


19. Star Tattoo

#starstattoo #nametattoo #armtattoo #ink

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This is a great design. What makes it even more special is the names.


20. Black Marble

This is a few different tattoos, but they all work together so well.


21. Baby Elephant

#watercolortattoo #elephanttattoo #armtattoo #cutetattoos

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It’s impossible to look at this and not coo.


22. Rose Tattoo

Just look at that three-dimensional effect.


Have you ever considered an arm tattoo? Let us know in the comments!


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