8 Things You Need To Stop Thinking If You’ve Never Been In A Relationship

If you’re a single girl, you might reach a point where all your friends are in relationships, but you. Maybe you’re at a stage where they’ve had multiple baes while you’ve been cruising solo this entire time. It’s nothing to be concerned about, but, you might start to stress about it.

You might start to wonder when it’s your turn to have a bae. And you might start to wonder what’s the deal with why you’re single and your friends aren’t. Once you start thinking one thought, it can be hard to get out of that mindset. But, you need to try, because all those negative thoughts you’re thinking aren’t true. There are lots of reasons being single is awesome. What’s more, you are right where you’re supposed to be and everything about you is fine.

I get that you might struggle to identify with all of what I’m championing, but try. While you’re focusing on embracing being single, here are eight things you need to stop thinking if you’ve never been in a relationship.

That There's Something Wrong With You

Hold up. This is exactly the negative stuff we have to get out of your head. There is nothing wrong with you that would explain why you haven't been in a relationship. That includes physical and emotional, stuff, and anything else that you might be thinking about. There are countless versions why people aren't in relationships and they don't have to do with some *flaw* a person has.

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That You Need To Change

If I didn't make my point clear with the last slide, let me say this again: There is nothing wrong with you. You don't need to go to try and be like your friends or other people in relationships in the attempt to get a significant other. First, that will never work. Second, what's so great about you is the fact that you're an individual. And it's your unique qualities that your friends and family love about you.

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That You Will Never Find Love

Girl, how old are you? You have your entire life to find love. There's no rush. What's more, love comes in many forms. I'm sure your life is filled with so much love already and you might not be fully appreciating it at the moment. Now seems to be a good time to take a moment and soak some of it up. Secondly, I hate to be cliche, but I will point out that you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else. When you're happy, it attracts happy people.

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That You're Not Attractive Enough To Have A SO

I know that the media and social media might not be the most body positive, inclusive places at times, but don't let that stuff get to you. And don't let it ever make you think that you're not attractive enough for love. That's the wrong idea completely. You are worthy, you are attractive, and you are unique. Repeat that mantra in front of the mirror every day if you want until you start to believe it.

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That People Will Only Ever See You As A Friend

You might think that you know people's thoughts, but you never know 100 percent what's going on in their head. There might even be people in your life right now who see you as much more than a friend. What's more, people can change their ideas and see friends suddenly in a different light. And even if people only view you as a friend at the moment, there might be someone who will come along later who sees you in a different light. It only takes one.

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That You're A Loser

Girl, it hurts my heart to hear you would think something like this because it's not true at all. I guarantee there are so many people in your life, including friends and family, who love and care for you very much. What's more, I know they can vouch for the fact that you are anything but a loser. You're fabulous, darling.

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That Other People Will Think There's Something Wrong With You For Not Ever Having A Bae

If anyone thinks or has the audacity to say that there's something wrong with you for never having been in a relationship, they are not worthy of a spot in your life. You don't need toxic, rude people in your life like that. Seriously. It's not a big deal that you haven't been in a relationship. It doesn't matter how old you are. If someone tries to make it one, they obviously have their own issues that are a much bigger problem.

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That You Need To Settle

No one should have to settle in a relationship. Period. It doesn't matter whether you're someone who has never been a relationship, you've been in fifty relationships, you're old, or you're young. You are not on some limited timeline and you don't need to rush into anything. No, your standards aren't *too high.* You want what you want and you shouldn't feel the need to compromise. Ever.

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