6 Signs Your Crush Is Losing Interest In You

One of the worst things about having a crush is discovering that he/she doesn’t like you back — or that your crush actually has feelings for your friend. Gah. Another sucky situation is when you think that a person likes you then they start to lose interest. It’s the complete opposite direction you want things to go, and it can leave you floundering. But, it can happen for various reasons. Unfortunately, you might not be able to recover from the situation.

One of the best things to do in the situation is to realize what’s going on. That way you can figure out whether your crush is worth your time and if it’s worth proceeding. Here are six signs your crush is likely losing interest in you.

You Crush No Longer Makes Any Moves

Is this relationship beginning to feel a bit one-sided on your part? Does it seem like you're always the one making the moves? If you don't remember the last time your crush texted you first or asked you to hang out, it's not a good sign. An exception to the rule can be if your crush has always been shy and always waited for you to make the first moves. But if behavior patterns have changed, it's a red flag.

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Your Conversations Have Changed

Did you used to think that there was something special between you and your crush because of the long, intense conversations you used to have? Do you still have those? Or, have they changed? If your crush seems to suddenly be shy or not interested in talking, he/she might be losing interest. Note the topics that you do talk about. If your crush tries to steer the topics away from his/her feelings and keeps it to light things, there could be a message there.

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Your Crush Is No Longer Gives You His/Her Undivided Attention

Think about how attentive your crush is. Did he/she used to give you his/her undivided attention and never pick up his/her phone when you're together? Are things different now? If your crush is always texting when you're together, or it's obvious that he/she is only half-listening, his/her thoughts are clearly on something — or someone — else, don't ignore it. Girl, you deserve someone who gives you all off their attention.

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Your Crush Is Openly Checking Out Other People In Front Of You

Yeah, this isn't a good one. Even if you're in a relationship, you can sometimes understand when a person casts a glance at a flawless being walking by. But, it's a different story if a crush — or bae for that matter — is doing it on the regular and to almost every person who walks by. It shows a lack of interest in you and a lack of respect.

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Your Crush Starts Breaking Promises

Does it seem like your crush is bailing on the regular now? Do you keep rescheduling plans or does your crush keep canceling? Or, does he/she not show up or *remembers* something that must be dealt with ASAP at the last minute? This is starting to sound like semi-ghosting which means that you're treading in tricky waters.

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There's A Change In Body Language

Always look at body language in situations because it can often be more telling than what's said or not said. If your crush is trying to create space between you or is now facing away from you when you're together, those are strong clues that your crush's feelings are going a different way. In contrast, if your crush's shoulders, hips, legs, feet, whatever, are angled towards you, and he/she often looks for opportunities to get closer, those are good things.

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How do you try to hold your crush’s attention? Let us know in the comments!


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