15 Things To Know Before Your First Gyno Appointment

There comes to a point in almost every female’s life when they will pay a trip to the gynecologist. The age and reasons could vary from one person to another, but the thing that everybody will have in common is that they will be nervous. It’s a natural thing. When someone has never done something before/been somewhere, they’re naturally apprehensive — and those feelings can be more intense when the situation involves your lady bits.

First of all, I want to tell you to relax. I guarantee you that your gyno appointment will be nowhere near as scary or as awkward as you’re imagining it to be. You might feel a bit uncomfortable doing stuff for the first time, but this is nothing new for your gynecologist. They’re a professional and I can guarantee you there probably isn’t anything he/she hasn’t seen or heard.

I know that information probably doesn’t make you feel 100 percent better. What I find helpful in stressful situations is to get prepared. So, today I’m sharing some important things to be aware of before your first gyno appointment. Good luck!

1. You do not need to “prep” down there.

Your gyno is used to seeing vaginas of all types and in all forms. Therefore, do not feel you need to have everything freshly shaved down there. And don’t go near a douching kit. Those aren’t good for your vag.


2. It’s best to reschedule if you have your period.

Your gyno is no stranger to periods, but menstruating can make certain aspects of the exam uncomfortable or the period blood can alter the results. So, try to schedule your appointment when you likely won’t have your period. The exceptions to this are if you need to have your gyno look at something related to your period or you need something looked at ASAP.


3. Get prepared for your gyno to ask you a lot of personal questions.

There’s more to the appointment than exams. Your gyno will ask you questions about your vagina, puberty, sex life, and more. Remember to be honest. Your gyno isn’t judging you. He/she wants the facts so he/she can decide the next best steps. So, try to provide clear facts about the age you started your period and the number of sexual partners you’ve had, if any.


4. You will have to do the usual medical examinations.

Just like at your GP, your gyno will likely take your weight, height, etc. They probably won’t take your temperature unless something is up.


5. Be prepared for a boob exam, too.

You’re probably focused on what will be going on down below, but it’s likely your gyno will conduct a breast exam during your appointment.


6. Your gyno will want to know your family history.

Your gynecologist will want to know more than information than about you and your sexual partners, if any. He/she will also want to know about your family history — particularly if there has been any breast or cervical cancer in the family. If you’re not sure, make sure you ask your mom/grandma/sister/someone before your appointment. You don’t want to miss giving your gyno crucial information.


7. You don’t actually need a reason to go to the gynecologist.

Going to the gyno is like having your yearly medical checkup. That’s why it’s recommended that you start earlier so you can build up a relationship with your gyno. Of course, if there is an issue like vagina discharge, irregular periods, extremely painful cramps, or something else, you will want to book your appointment ASAP.


8. You can bring someone in with you.

If you’re feeling super nervous, you might find it helpful to know that you can bring someone to your appointment with you. If you feel so inclined, you can even bring them in the room with you. A gyno likely will never ask them to leave. If you’ve brought them, it means that you’re comfortable with them being privy to things.


9. You will want to make sure your bladder is reasonably full.

You don’t want to go with your bladder bursting because that can lead to trouble. It’s a good idea that you go with it just full enough that you will be able to pee easily because part of the test will likely involve a urine sample.


10. There are few different exams you can have.

Some of them depend on your age, sexual health, and any other problems. The exams include pelvic exams and pap smears. Pelvic exams occur on people who are sexually active and/or over the age of 21. And involve collecting a sample to check for STDs, and inserting a few fingers up the vagina to check everything is okay. Don’t worry, your gyno will explain how everything will go down before doing anything.


11. You can get birth control pills at your appointment.

If you’re looking for birth control pills, or another form of contraception, this is a good time to get them. Your doctor likely won’t even need to any extra exams to prescribe them because you will have covered them all already.


12. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

This isn’t just about you answering your gynecologist questions. It’s also a time for you to ask them something. So, bring any of your body or sex questions to the appointment. And remember that nothing is too ridiculous to ask. Your gyno is here to help you and he/she is a professional.


13. The appointment shouldn’t take that long.

I know that it seems like there is a lot of stuff covered in the appointment, but you will likely be finished within an hour. In fact, you might find your appointment only takes half that time.


14. You don’t have to get completely naked for your appointment.

Okay, you have to get mostly naked. The exception is that most gynos say that it’s okay for you to leave your socks on. No one likes cold feet.


15. If something is uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to speak up.

There are moments of the examination that will be more uncomfortable than others. Some mild discomfort is pretty well expected but if you feel uncertain, uncomfortable, or in pain at any point during your appointment, speak up immediately. Your gyno will likely appreciate you speaking up.


What are you most nervous of about the gyno? Let us know in the comments!


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