16 Summer Memes That Are Relatable AF

There’s so much we could say about summer. And there are a lot of books, diary entries, movies, and podcasts dedicated to the topic. Another more modern — and visual way — to talk about the season is with memes.

Memes can sometimes express our feelings and opinions better than a 1,000-word essay. What’s more, they’re a lot easier to share. If you’re looking for some memes to perfectly express the #summervibes you’re feeling, scroll down to see 16 funny summer memes that you’ll definitely be able to relate to:

1. What one are you?



2. This is what I’ve been looking forward to?



3. I’m melting.

I said I wanted it hot. I didn’t say I wanted it to be so hot that I would burn to a crisp.


4. SOS

Need more ice.


5. Summer vibes strong.



6. …And summer makeup.

Soooooo true.


7. Dreaming of a cool place.

Keepin' it real. #HotAsHeck

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You could cook an egg on this floor.


8. Grrrrr.

So much for being fashionably late.


9. We see you, anti-summer peeps.



10. Not gonna let the heat win.

Help me, I’m melting.


11. When you forget to book a pedicure.



12. When the heat wave comes too fast.

What do you mean the air conditioner is already on? *Fans self*


13. Why do you have to learn the hard way?

Someone pass the aloe vera gel ASAP.


14. Summer Essentials

We could also add a bag of chips and a mountain of books.


15. All year, baby.

The bed is where it’s at.


16. Ahhhhh.

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Praise the Lord for A/C.


What meme was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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