7 Signs You’re A Clingy Girlfriend

Have you ever done one of those quizzes to see what type of girlfriend you are? Or, are you too scared to do one because you don’t want to know the results? It’s understandable because you probably don’t want to be labelled as the stereotypical clingy girlfriend.

Even if you don’t believe quizzes are 100 percent accurate, you probably are concerned about being a clingy girlfriend because it’s pretty much the worst thing according to pop culture. Obviously, it’s not as bad as being a cheating girlfriend, but it’s toward the top of the list. It’s up there with being a stressful girlfriend or being a nagging girlfriend.

If you’re worried that you could actually be a clingy girlfriend, stop doing the internet quizzes for a second and have a look at seven signs you’re a clingy girlfriend. If you do relate to some of the signs, don’t freak out even more. It’s good to acknowledge the situation so you can do something about it.

You Constantly Text Your SO To Know Where/He She Is

Would you say that your texting with bae is pretty equal in terms of back and forth? Or, would you say that you're the one who is usually texting, messaging, poking, Snapchatting, and sending any sort of message possible? That's not a good sign. It's worse if you send a message to see where he/she is and if you don't get a response within five minutes, you send three more texts before calling in a panic. If that's the case, it sounds like you need to chill and trust your SO to give him/her some *virtual* space.

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You Do Not Completely Trust Your Significant Other

Answer this question honestly for me: Do you trust your SO completely? If you hesitated or didn't say your yes with confidence that can be very telling. Second question: Has bae ever done or said anything that would warrant your lack of trust? If you can honestly answer no, consider why you have a hard time trusting bae. Do you feel self-conscious or concerned about your relationship? It could be an internal problem. And it could be making your clingy.

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You Constantly Troll Bae's Social Media Feeds For Red Flags

When you're on social media, is it to send bae adorable messages? Or, are you on social media to keep an eye on what bae is doing when he/she isn't with you? It's not a point of concern in theory, but it is if you spend hours doing it. It's also not the best if you look for clues in seemingly normal pictures. If you're analyzing every pic, it sounds like you don't trust your SO which could lead to being clingy.

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You Want To Spend Every Spare Moment With Bae

It's understandable that you want to spend a lot of time with your SO. If you didn't then people would likely wonder what you're doing in this relationship. Even if you're head-over-heels in love with bae, you would still want some alone time and moments when you want to see your friends and family. If you don't, or you feel that you can't stay away from bae, be careful. You could be on the road to clingy girlfriend.

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You Follow Bae Around Or Check In On Him/Her

You're probably saying *of course I don't follow bae.* You might not be playing detective, but you might be doing other things. For example, do you know that bae is hanging out with friends somewhere and just happen to walk by and say hello? And does it happen pretty much every time your SO hangs out with someone other than you? Yeah, it's not the greatest.

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You Feel Very Nervous When Bae Hangs Out With Anyone Other Than You

Do the alarm bells start going off when bae is hanging out with someone other than you? Do you find yourself in high level panic mode until your significant other is back with you? Watch out because it's an indicator of a clingy girlfriend. If you feel nervous or like you need to be in control of the situation, you need to look at yourself and try to figure out why.

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You Like To Constantly Check In On The State Of Your Relationship

Besides wanting to check in on bae's whereabouts do you feel that you need to constantly talk to bae about the state of your relationship? It's good to have the occasional chat about how your relationship is going, but note that I said *occasional.* If you want to have a deep discussion about the state of your relationship with bae on a daily basis — or even a weekly basis — it sounds like you need to chill.

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What relationship issues are you concerned about? Let us know in the comments!


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