17 Hairstyles To Fight Summer Frizz

I don’t know about you, but I have a few enemies in summer. They include the sun (I do not want to have to deal with sunburns), bugs, and public transportation that doesn’t have a proper cooling system. I cannot forget about frizzy hair because it’s what I’m going to be focusing on today.

Frizzy hair can still be a problem in winter, but the heat and humidity of summer is when hair can get an extreme case of the frizzies. It can sometimes make you want to hide your hair under a hat or slather on a tub full of gel. Those are options, but they don’t exactly give you much freedom to experiment with cute summer hairstyles. Before you protest and say that you cannot experiment with summer hairstyles on account of frizzy strands, hold up. The best summer hairstyles actually help control flyaways. Keep scrollin’ down to see the hairstyles that will help manage frizz and provide a cute finish.

1. Undone Braided Bun

This looks gorgeous, and it’s something anyone can do. The braid and the headband help conceal frizzy pieces.


2. Braided Half-Up Buns

This will require a bit of effort to create, but it’s nothing that you can’t do. The braids will keep errant strands in check.


3. Braided Pigtails

Look at those gorgeous curls. No matter your hair texture, you can draw inspiration from the hairdo.


4. Tall Topknot

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Slick hair up into a gravity-defying topknot. Got baby hairs? Try curling them or slicking them down around the hairline.


5. Pigtails And Baseball Cap

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Wear this to the beach, the street, and anywhere in between. The hat is optional, but it provides extra protection from the sun.


6. Low Bun With A Scarf

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This takes all of five seconds to do and everyone will be looking at the cute scarf, not any fuzzy strands.


7. Center-Parted Topknot

Bet you’re now wondering why you never decided to add a part to your topknot.


8. Messy Bun With Scrunchie

This is how you turn flyaways into a lewk.


9. Wrapped Ponytail

When your ponytail is frizzing worse than your hairline.


10. Braids Into Low Ponytail

Combine your favorite Dutch braids with a low ponytail. Bonus: It also works as a protective hairstyle.


11. Short Ponytail With Barrettes

Short hair can get just as frizzy as long hair.


12. Wet-Look Hair

Make wet hair look intentional by slicking it all back. Keep the sleek finish from roots to ends. You can even try tucking stands into your shirt collar.


13. Undone Space Buns

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An effortless finish like this actually gets better as you wear it. It makes baby hairs and frizz look like they’re part of the look.


14. Bright Headband

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Like wearing your hair down? Fasten the front with a headband. It looks sleek and keeps locks off your sweaty forehead.


15. Twist And Low Ponytail

Forget about braids, how cute is this rope twist?


16. Slicked-Back Hair

When you can’t even, slick back damp hair with a liberal amount of gel. Frizz won’t stand a chance.


17. Braided Pigtails

Never underestimate the power of pigtails in taming fuzzy hair.


How do you fight frizz in the summer? Let us know in the comments!


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