20 Style Tips On How To Wear Bandeau Tops

Finding it hard to beat the heat this summer? Sticking an ice pack in your bra is one way to do it. But, it’s a bit extreme and it leaves an awkward bulge under tops. Another option is to wear something cooler. A maxi dress is a breezy summer staple, but a bandeau top is another great option.

The 1990’s had their tube tops and the 2000’s had their asymmetrical tops. For the summer of 2018, the bandeau top is the style of choice. It’s narrower than a tube top and can come in any color, design, and finish. It’s basically like a strapless bra minus the cups.

While the silhouette might be perfect for keeping you cool, some people can be unsure how to make it work with the rest of their wardrobe. Don’t worry, it’s easy-peasy. Get some visual guidance on how to wear bandeau tops this summer.

1. Black Bandeau Top And Striped Pants

This is how you wear dark colors in the summer. Notice the rise of the pants? It’s perf with a bandeau top.


2. Ruched Bandeau And Gathered Shorts

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Pure retro vibes. The glasses and the scarf are adorable, but notice how the lettuce hem on the bandeau is echoed in the paper bag waist of the shorts?


3. White Bandeau Top, Denim Vest, And Maxi Skirt

Here’s how to layer a bandeau top and still stay cool. If you’re still hot you can try a midi or mini skirt.


4. Bandeau Top, Black Pants, And Biker Jacket

Balance a bandeau with high-waisted skinny jeans and a biker jacket. Try the jacket draped over shoulders on hot days. You should also try the layered choker and scarf idea.


5. White Bandeau, Jeans, And Furry Jacket

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Remember this look come the fall. In the meantime, copy all elements of it save for the furry blue coat. If you can find a lighter pastel coat, rock that.


6. White Bandeau, Cardigan, And Denim Shorts

How cute is this? Wear a lightweight cardigan or shawl jacket to get some extra coverage and provide protection from the sun. Coordinate your bandeau and the cardi for a pretty finish.


7. White Bandeau Top And Plaid Pants

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Balance a revealing bandeau top with high-waisted pants. Add some interest by mixing prints with your trousers and shoes.


8. Black Bandeau And Camo Shorts

FYI: Camo is trending so this look ticks multiple trends. The red bag is unexpected, but it works.


9. White Bandeau And Denim Mini 

How adorable is this eyelet bandeau top? Even if you have a plainer one, you can still draw inspiration from the denim skirt and wedge sandals.


10. Leopard Print Bandeau Top And Cropped Black Pants

Cropped pants and sneakers work with a bandeau top as well as shorts and flip flops.


11. Striped Bandeau Top, Jacket, And Cropped Pants

This is a more conservative way to rock a bandeau top. It’s also a great styling hack on cooler nights.


12. Lacy Green Bandeau Top And Black Skirt

Zo leuk, deze tropical ? bandeautop met maxirok. En dat samen voor maar 11 euro!

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Feeling self-conscious about having a lot of skin on display? Choose a pencil skirt that hits just below the hem of the bandeau top. This flared bandeau is also adorable.


13. Blue Bandeau And Black Pants

This is adorable and could be worn from day to night.


14. Black Bandeau And Button-Up Pants

You can make a bandeau top work for any style tribe. This is the sportier version thanks to the Nike shoes and the track pants.


15. Bandeau Top And High-Waisted Skirt

It’s all about proportions. The higher rise of the cord skirt provides a little extra coverage. Same goes for the denim jacket, if it was worn.


16. Bandeau Top, Denim Shorts, And Sunglasses

You’ve got the bandeau top and the denim shorts. Do not forget about the cute sunglasses.


17. Sheer Blouse, Bandeau Top, And Black Pants

This is a very clever idea. It’s covered but not thanks to the sheer cardigan.


18. Red Jacket, White Bandeau, And Jeans

This is how you work a bandeau top. The jacket worn off one shoulder is intentional.


19. Sheer Black Top And Plaid Coordinates

Here’s a clever way to make a bandeau work in cooler temperatures. A long-sleeved sheer top adds some sexiness and it isn’t too bulky.


20. White Bandeau And Gingham Pants

Remember: Gingham pants have an adorable preppy summer vibe. They work with a T-shirt and polo, but look just as pretty with a bandeau.


What’s your favorite summer outfit? Let us know in the comments!


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