14 Whisper Confessions About Being Self-Conscious

As much as we may try to celebrate self-love and be body positive, even the most confident person can have moments where they feel self-conscious. Maybe you’re going through a bout where you feel self-conscious about everything from your body, to your relationship, to your skill levels, to your personality. If that’s the case, I’m sorry to hear it.

Know that you are amazing and there’s nothing wrong with any part of you. You’re one-of-a-kind and that’s a brilliant thing. Trust me. I know that you might not believe me right now, but hopefully you will see my points someday.

What also might help you getting back on the road to body positivity is hearing that there are many other people out there who feel the same way. And they’re getting real on the Whisper app. Here are 14 Whisper confessions about being self-conscious.

1. Staying Silent


Sometimes talking with your loved ones could make all the difference.


2. Please no photos.


Come on, girl. You might want to remember those memories. And I guarantee there are a ton of people out there who think you’re gorgeous inside and out.


3. When it impacts your creativity, too.


Artist’s block happens.


4. When you have a really good day.


Let’s focus on having this attitude every single day.


5. Thanks for the compliment but…


You are, girl. Embrace your looks and get on the self-love train.


6. The gym can sometimes be the worst.


They’re working on their fitness so stop worrying and you work on yours.


7. Anyone have a razor?


Bae doesn’t mind and neither should you.


8. When people’s actions make things worse.


Don’t let people bring you down.


9. When the BOPO pictures aren’t helping.


Don’t compare yourself. Celebrate what makes you you.


10. It happens to all chest sizes.


Large boobs, small boobs, or somewhere in between. Most ladies get self-conscious about their chests, especially around puberty.


11. When you wish you could just read silently.


Who came up with this reading aloud idea anyways?


12. There are many things to be self-conscious about.


Perhaps we should all have a mantra about “growing some lady balls.”


13. Don’t sweat it.


Embrace every part of your body, girl.


14. When being new to something makes you feel self-conscious. 


No one is born with experience. It has to be learned.


Do you feel self-conscious? Let us know in the comments!


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