15 Things That Aren’t True About People Who Are Bisexual

There are lots of different sexual orientations. Some are easier to define while others can be more fluid or varied. Bisexuality is something that falls into the second category.

If you’re not bi and want to have a greater understanding about it, you probably aren’t going to find the first person who identifies as bi and start talking about it. It’s often considered rude to ask personal things and I’m sure you’d be a bit taken aback if someone started asking deets about your sexual orientation. You might genuinely want to find out more information about the way someone identifies to make them more comfortable or have greater understanding of them situation, but you might not want to ask in case it offends them. It makes sense. 

Luckily the internet is a place where people share their opinions and ideas so we can get a better understanding. The thing to note is that everyone is different and no two people will identify with something in the same way. But, hearing thoughts from a group of people, like those who all identify as being bisexual, can hopefully provide greater understanding for all. Thinking about that, here are 15 things that aren’t true about people who are bisexual. 

1. It’s just a phase.

Doh. Is being straight just a phase?


2. That bisexual people are attracted to everybody.

Just because they like men and women doesn’t mean that they are attracted to every single person who falls into the categories.


3. That bisexual people will never settle down.

“How can you when you’re attracted to more than one type of person?” *Shakes head.*


4. That bisexual people are always looking for a threesome or orgy.

Just because someone is attracted to different types of people doesn’t mean they want to have sex with them all at once.


5. That bi people are just confused.

No, it’s probably you who is a bit confused.


6. …Or that they are really gay but don’t want to admit it.



7. That bisexual people can only date others who are bisexual.

Don’t assume. There are plenty of bisexual people out there who date people of other sexual orientations.


8. All bisexuals are the same.

Everybody is different, bro. And everybody is attracted to different types of people.


9. That asking “what percent gay are you” is rude and annoying.

Just don’t.


10. Assuming that everybody is *a bit* bi.

That’s not helping anyone.


11. That bisexual people are just doing it for attention.

Stop right there.


12. Questioning who they’re dating is also rude.

Why should a bi person have to explain why they’re dating a cis man trans, woman, or anything at all?


13. That bisexual people are interested in your partner.

Whoa. Just because someone is attracted to different people doesn’t mean they’re going to start going after every living man and woman with no regard to who they’re in relationships with.


14. Those who are bisexual are more likely to cheat.

Come on. Anyone can cheat and there are a vast number of reasons why they do.


15. Bisexuality and being polyamorous are the same thing.

Nope. There’s a reason why there are the two different labels. (For more on being polyamorous, see here.)


Have you ever dated someone who was bisexual? Let us know in the comments!


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