8 Red Flags To Look For In A New Relationship

When you’re in a new relationship, everything can seem really great. The butterflies are fluttering in your stomach, you think that bae is pretty close to being perfect in every way, and the world just seems right. Unfortunately, it’s a phase and an unrealistic one at that. I don’t want to kill your vibes, but know that as you get to know someone, you discover that they’re a person with a range of emotions, ideas and opinions. Sometimes, the “perfect” person you had a crush on turns out not to be the person you ended up dating.

It can happen. When you are just getting to know someone, you might not see their true colors right away. Or, they might be on their best behavior and try to hide them. That’s why it’s important in a new relationship to not be blinded by infatuation and the excitement to miss these negative characters. TBT, it’s better you notice them now rather than later. Here are eight red flags to watch out for in a new relationship.

Your New Bae *Always* Has To Be Right

This one is actually pretty easy to pick up on if you're keeping an eye out for it. Consider whether bae always has to say the last point or whether he/she has to be the one to choose the *best* dessert. If bae is ever wrong, pay close attention to what he/she does. If there's a tantrum or bae goes into sulky baby mode, you probably don't want someone like that in your life.

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He/She Doesn't Want To Take Your Relationship Public

Everybody has different comfort levels, but if bae has feelings for you and you have feelings for bae, there shouldn't be a reason why your relationship needs to be kept a secret. Unless bae is concerned about his/her parents, it's likely something else is going on. Bae could have a few other relationships on the go or the whole *secret* thing could be a sign that you're just a booty call.

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Your SO Goes MIA For A Few Days Before Showing Up Again

You could try and excuse this behavior and say that it's because you're in a new relationship and bae is used to being single and he/has his own stuff, but don't write it off completely. Chances are if bae is disappearing without a trace now, it's an indication of what's to come in your relationship. Yes, it's important bae has his/her own space, but that doesn't mean it's acceptable to disappear without a trace.

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Your New SO Rolls His/Her Eyes A Lot

This might seem like such a tiny thing, but it can be an indication of a whole bunch of other issues. Obviously if bae is rolling his/her eyes at you at this early stage in your relationship, you have to think long and hard about whether you want to be in a relationship with someone like that. If they're doing it now, just imagine what things will be like later when he/she is no longer on his/her *best* behavior and trying to woo you.

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Your New Bae Challenges You

Can you actually have a conversation without bae or does it seem like a one-sided lecture or an argument? Similarly, when you say things does it seem like it's bae's habit to question why you're saying something? If you feel like you always need to be on the defensive or explain your thoughts and ideas to bae, watch out. If you already have to do it now, it will likely only get worse. It sounds like bae is too critical and harsh.

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Your New Bae Doesn't Seem Over His/Her Exes

This is a big red flag. You don't have to spend a lot of time with someone to figure out whether they're still hung up on an ex. If the ex has been brought up more than once and it wasn't about when you were talking about your relationship history, proceed with caution. And definitely be on the lookout if bae is comparing you to his/her ex. Even if it's complementary, you're treading in her dangerous waters.

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Your SO Seems *Really* Into You

You probably think this is a good thing. Obviously, you want bae to be attracted to you and show some tenderness. But, you should be cautious if those feelings seem really, really intense. After all, this is a new relationship. Your SO might not go as far as talking about moving in and getting married within a week of meeting you but lookout if bae seems to think you're this perfect thing that he/she is unworthy of.

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Bae's Attitude Is Unpredictable

Does it seem like bae is a kind, attentive person one minute then the next he/she is cold and cruel? Don't try to write it off as a bad day, lack of sleep, or something else. Everybody has stress in their lives, and some days are definitely worse than others, but it's no reason to treat you badly. If you think there could genuinely be something wrong, you could try to get your significant other to open up about it. Be aware that if he/she freaks out some more or the mood swings continue, it could be bae's personality.

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What other red flags do you watch out for in relationship? Let us know in the comments!


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