17 Beautiful Natural Hairstyles To Try For Summer

Hands up if you start to get a bit lazy in the summer? With the long days, hot weather and not having to go to school we can start to chill out a bit more. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that. It’s great to take a break. I’m sure there will come to a point you will get a bit bored. Maybe you’ll tire of lounging in the park all day, or maybe you’ll get tired of wearing the same maxi dress and flip flops. Perhaps you’ll get bored of throwing your natural hair up into the same bun every day. If that becomes the case, this post will solve your problems.

I encourage you to get inspired now so you don’t fall into a hair rut. I totally get that you want to keep it low key in the summer and want to enjoy your time off instead of fussing with your hair. The other side is that summer is the perfect time to play around with fresh natural hair ideas. If you’ve been inspired to try a new look after promscroll down to see 17 gorgeous natural hairstyles to play around with this summer.

1. Low Bun

Look at that texture. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is this thick or not. Just scoop locks into a low bun and let those curls do their thing.


2. High Bun With Headband

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When in doubt, put a hairband on a look. A printed headband in particular is pure summer vibes.


3. Space Buns

I used to think space buns made me look like an ? and I was right…but a cute one nonetheless. Check out this short video. I will be posting the full quick and easy summer hairstyles for curly hair on my YT this week. The day will depend on my finals ??‍♀️ but I hope you enjoy. In this video I’m using @sheamoisture Jamaican Black castor oil leave in conditioner for detangling @cantubeauty coconut curl defining cream to keep my curls intact! It is one of my go to products For more fun styles stay tuned and don’t forget to give this video a ❤️ you know you want tooooooo • • • • • #naturalhair #instastyle #hairvideos #curlyhairstyles #curlyhairvibes #naturalhairstyle #naturalhairrocks #naturalhairloves #naturalhairdoescare #youtubevideos #hoops #naturalmakeuplook #curlyhair #curlygirl #curlyfro #curlygirlsrock #honeycurls #sheamoisture #cantu #cantucurlingcream #edges #edgecontrol

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This is the cutest.


4. Pineapple Bun

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This hairstyle looks adorable and couldn’t be easier to do. Gather hair into an elastic and arrange the ends to show off your puff.


5. Updo With Rolls And Twists

The different textures in this updo is amazing. I love how the wrap around the head and hair.


6. Topknot With Loose Layers

Do you have pieces of hair that always spring from your updos? Embrace them. Leave short strands be and focus on piling longer locks on top of your head into a bun.


7. Space Buns With Side Part

I know that the flawless glowing skin might distract you from the hair for a second, but the double buns with side part is just as gorgeous as her glow.


8. Bantu Knots

Section off hair into cute Bantu knots. There are unlimited options when you play around with the placement and number of buns.


9. Mini Knots With Hair Beads

Frame that gorgeous face of yours with mini knots. For a little more bling, add hair beads to them.


10. High Bun

Gather all your hair into a super-high bun on the top of the head. Instead of twisting strands around to form a topknot, leave them be. If you want, gently coax them to the side like this look.


11. Faux Hawk

Check out that volume. This looks amazing yet all it really involves in pinning a section of your hair back to create the illusion of shaved sides. If you want, you can pin locks back on both sides.


12. Faux Hawk With Buns

Let’s talk hair manipulation. One of the reasons why my hair has flourished is because I don’t manipulate my hair often. In this photo, my hair looks amazing and the style is dope but this is a style I would do only once in a while because of the constant manipulation I would have to do. When I do my regular Braidouts, twistouts, perm rod sets, etc. I do my hair while it is wet to cut down on extra breakage. Because my hair is type 4 and extremely thick, if I do my hair when it’s dry then it takes a bunch of extra work from detangling (which will cause excess breakage), styling, and ultimately feels super dry. It’s just not worth it to me which is why I style my hair when it is soaking wet 90% of the time. Actually, 95% of the time. I don’t have to worry about moisture too much during the week because water is the ultimate moisturizer and I seal it with an oil or my leave in and then style my hair. By the time I unravel the twistout it feels moisturized and I won’t have to moisturize it until about 3 days later and most times I won’t have to moisturize it at all until my next wash day. Of course the porosity of your hair plays a part as well. But yes, low manipulation is key, I don’t re twist my hair during the night, I just put it in 3 ponytails and throw my bonnet on. Hope this helps some of you. . . . #naturalhairdoescare #4chairchicks #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope  #berrycurly #kinkychicks  #protectivestyles  #voiceofhair  #naturalhairloves #respectmyhair  #unconditionedroots #healthy_hair_journey #hairnbeautydirectory #naturalhair #blackboldandnatural #naturalhairbloggers #essencemag #naturallycurly #naturalgirlsrock

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This probably isn’t an everyday hairstyle for most people, but I have to include it on the list because it slays. It’s easier to do than you think. It’s more about parting and sectioning.


13. Natural Curls With Knotted Headband 

Even without the butterflies, this look still slays. It gets the layers off your face and showcases your hair’s natural texture.


14. Pompadour Updo

This updo is something that you can wear all summer. It would work on lazy days, brunches, dates, weddings, and pretty much everywhere in between. It shows off hair’s natural texture and gets it off of your neck.


15. Center-Parted Updo

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So simple but so cute.


16. Half Updo With Space Buns

There’s more than one way to wear space buns. This half updo has to be one of the cutest ways.


17. Topknots With Baby Hairs

Most of us have baby hairs around our hairlines. Some people tediously brush the hairs back with the rest of hair. Others curl them around the hairline, like this look demonstrates. Try it out.


What looks do you want to try out? Let us know in the comments!


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