7 Little Signs You Could Be Acting Like A Mean Girl

We might love Mean Girls, but no one actually likes a mean girl. (If you remember the end of the movie, you will know there’s an important lesson in it about kindness.)

You might know some mean girls (or boys), but have you considered whether you’re one? I bet your immediate reaction is, “Of course, I’m not a mean girl, don’t be ridiculous.” I bet you’re not, but you might be doing some little things that could be giving off the impression that you are one.

In the spirit of making this planet a more loving, happy place here are seven little signs you could be acting like a mean girl. If you identify with some of them, there’s no need to panic. The first step to stopping doing something is to recognize you’re doing it in the first place. If you’re more conscious of it, you can hopefully cut it from your life.

You Joke With Someone, But Include Something Truthful In It

Have you heard the expression that jokes are half-truths? Consider your jokes and whether that holds true. Do you use joking as a way to bring up something you don't like someone or to insult them? You could say something like, *Did you really dye you hair that color? haha I was only joking.* Even if you add a laugh at the end and say something in a light-hearted tone, everyone will likely see through the joke and know that you're jabbing them.

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You Need To Be In Control Of The Situation

Wanting to be in charge and take action aren't necessarily qualities of a mean girl, but they can be if your need for control becomes a bit of an obsession where you become bossy and demanding. If you're the one who always has to plan all of the activities with your friends or bae and you always need to have things go a certain way, know that's a red flag. Another sign to be wary of is if you need things all your way and you don't want anyone else *helping* — or interfering as you call it.

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You Feel The Need To Always Be Right

Note this is not the same as doing the right thing. I'm talking that you always need to be right in a conversation or about something. Are you one of those people who isn't satisfied until everyone sees your side? And are you so intent on bringing people around to your side you will cut down others and start Googling facts on your phone? Good for you for being passionate about something, but remember that people have their own opinions and you often can't change them. *See yourself.*

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You're Not Exactly The Most Loyal

Be honest with me here: When you're with one friend, do you wind up talking about another one? Do you find it hard to resist a bit of gossip? Would you throw someone under the bus if it meant that it could save your skin? Are these things that apply to your friends and siblings? Loyalty is one of the core things any relationship is built on so try to remember that the next time you want to gossip.

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You Have Super High Expectations Of People

Would you say that you're difficult to please? Would your friends say that you're difficult to please — especially if they knew that the comment wouldn't get back to you? Have high expectations can be a great thing, but people are human and you sometimes need to cut them some slack. You don't want people to feel they have to tiptoe around you for fear of putting a toe out of line. That kind of relationship doesn't benefit anyone.

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You Have Trouble Keeping Secrets

This goes back to the gossiping thing. If someone asks you to keep a secret, do you not tell a soul about it? Or, are you the type of person who crosses your fingers behind your back when you *promise* not to tell anyone? Maybe, you try to keep a secret, but you make an exception for telling your bae, your #1 best friend, you cat, and maybe your cousin who doesn't know the person anyways. Watch out because not being able to keep secrets it a slippery slope.

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Apologies Are Not In Your Vocabulary

When you mess up, do you own up to it? If you just said that you never mess up, that's already a problem. Sorry, girl but no one is perfect and even someone like you will slip up occasionally. And it's in these situations that really show a person's true colors. Yeah, making a mistake might not be the greatest, but it's mistakes we learn from. And it's apologizing for what we've done wrong that leads to forgiveness, respect, and closer relationships with others.

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Did you identify with any of the signs? Let us know in the comments!


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