Is It Normal To Have Marks On Your Boobs?

I’m here to talk about something we bring up a lot here at Gurl: Boobs. There is a method to it. The reason I talk about breasts a lot is because people often have a lot of questions about ’em. Think about it. There are questions about size, shape, developing while going through puberty, wearing bras, thinking about ways to incorporate them into sex. That’s even before we consider things like hair and nipples.

What most things go back to is: Are my boobs normal? If you’ve wondered it on a few different occasions, you’re not alone. If you’re currently looking at your chest and wondering what’s the deal with lines and what they mean, listen up.

I have these marks on my boobs, what are they?

If you’ve ruled out hickeys, bruises, and zits, I’m pretty that those marks on your boobs are stretchmarks.

Stretchmarks? What exactly are they?

You can Google photos for confirmation. Stretchmarks can vary depending on the person and how long you’ve had them. They can range from reddish to purplish to even silver, if they’re older and have faded. Sometimes they can even look bluish. They might appear in a cluster or you might have a few different marks spread out across your boobs. A more accurate name would probably be stretch lines because they often look like slightly waves lines.

I thought stretchmarks were for pregnant stomachs or hips.

Stretchmarks can actually happen on any part of the body. Hips, stomachs, and thighs are probably the places that we hear about the most when talking about them, but they can pop up anywhere.

So does that mean having stretchmarks on my boobs is normal?

That’s right, sister.

What causes them?

Stretchmarks are caused by the stretching of the skin, according to Mayo Clinic. The *stretching* is often caused during growth spurts. Basically, the body is growing really fast and the skin cannot keep up so it stretches. What stretchmarks look like and how “severe” they can varies by a number of factors including family history, gaining or losing weight, being female, etc.

What can I do about them?

Like I mentioned previously, stretchmarks will fade with time. Whether they start black, blue, red, purple, or something else, they will likely fade to silver-ish lines. They key thing is fade. They will not go away entirely on their own. There are creams that claim to fade the look of marks, but they probably won’t get rid of them completely. If you want to be preventive, you can try using the products along with other moisturizers to keep skin hydrated and hopefully reduce the chance of stretchmarks.

If you really want to get rid of them, know that there are more intense treatments like microdermabrasion and laser treatment. Of course, you will need to see a professional for them, they aren’t cheap, and you might not be the right candidate for them. What’s more, they come with their own set of risks.

What should I do if I feel self-conscious about them?

Take inspiration from some of the body positive movements out there are learn to #loveyourlines. Stretchmarks are very, very common especially in women. Plus, guys can get them, too. If you’re stressing that their visible, know that they will fade with time. No matter what color they are, love those tiger stripes because they are your own.

How much did you know about stretchmarks? Let us know in the comments!


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