Is It Normal To Have Hair On Your Toes?

After being covered up in the winter months for so long, it can sometimes feel like we’re in a new body when we shed those layers and take a look at what’s underneath. When you’re inspecting your body to see what has and hasn’t changed over the winter— and seeing whether you have any hint of last summer’s tan left — you might notice body hair in unexpected places.

If you’ve looked down to find some hair sprouting from your toes you were probably a bit surprised. Seeing hair pop up anywhere new can have that effect on people. If you have hair on your toes, listen up.

Is it actually normal to have hair on my toes?

You can grow hair almost anywhere. Toe hair tends to be more obvious in dudes because theirs is typically darker, thicker, and more plentiful, but ladies have it, too. The hair often starts out finer and lighter so you might not notice it. Then it can start growing in darker or thicker. Similarly, it might start growing in dark and thick right off the bat.

What if it’s normally on one toe?

The placement of hair can vary slightly. You’re probably talking about your big toe. The hair will likely be most obvious there because it’s the biggest area which means it should have the most. (Make sense, right?) Have a good look at your other toes because you might actually notice some finer hairs on those, too. If you have hair on one toe, a couple, or all of them, I want to be clear that you are not a Hobbit nor do you hair Hobbit feet.

And what about my feet?

Remember what I said? You can get hair almost anywhere. If you haven’t been shaving or waxing your legs, you might notice that some of the regrowth starts a bit below the ankle. There’s no need to be concerned about it. That’s something you’ll only want to pay attention if you’re removing all your leg hair because you don’t want to be left with an awkward patch.

Why do I have hair on my toes in the first place?

There’s no concrete evidence on why people have hairs on their toes. The reason why you might have some on your toes and someone else doesn’t has to do with genetics. Good Housekeeping points out that if your mom and dad have hair on their toes (and knuckles) you have a 50 percent chance of hair sprouting up on yours thanks to dominant genes. Interesting, huh?

What if I want to remove it?

If it’s the hair around your ankles, waxing, depilatory creams, and shaving are all good options. Basically, whatever you normally do to your legs will work. If you choose shaving, just be very careful when going around your ankles because cuts will be painful AF.

As for toe hair, one of the quickest things to do is plucking. It removes the hair at the root which means longer regrowth time. You could shave the hair off, but some might find it awkward, especially on smaller toes. Another option is to trim hair with scissors but be aware that some stubble might still be visible and it will grow back the quickest.

One more thing: If you have hair on your toes, don’t feel that you have to remove it. It’s a totally natural thing and your call whether you want to leave it be or take it off.

Do you have hair on your toes? Do you remove it? Let us know in the comments!


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