7 Important Things To Know About Threading

There are lots of ways to remove body hair. You can wax it, use a depilatory cream, shave it off, and pluck every individual hair, if you feel so inclined. What’s more, you can try sugaring and fancy devices. Another method to consider is threading.

You might have heard or it or even seen it done at one of the open booths at the mall. If you’re curious about trying it yourself, it’s a good hair removal option to consider. But, you shouldn’t do anything without knowing a bit about it first. Before you find yourself sat in a chair on the opposite end of a thread, here are seven important things to know about threading.

It Actually Involves Thread

There are some names in the English language that don't make much sense, but threading does. Threading literally involves using a piece of thread to remove hair. A thread, usually a 100 percent cotton one, is looped and knotted then it's twisted to form a coil that removes the hairs.

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It's Quite Precise

One of the great things about threading is that it's very precise. An expert is able to control what individual hairs should get removed. It's a bit different than plucking because threading is capable of removing individual hairs as well as a row of hairs at once. With plucking, you can only remove one or a clump of hairs.

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It's Not Just For Eyebrows

Threading is typically associated with eyebrows, but you can thread pretty much anything. Typically, threading works best on smaller areas, but you could really thread anything. Popular areas to thread include the entire face, including the chin, upper lip, cheeks, and even the hairline around your forehead.

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It's Surprisingly Quick

Even though threading takes out single hairs or rows, it can clear hairs in a sizable area pretty fast. If you've got a true professional threading unwanted hairs, the process can be even quicker. It comes down to their expert knowledge and the technique. Once it's mastered, it's pretty simple to do because it involved rolling the twist string over skin and pulling out the hair.

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There Might Be Some Sucking Involved

I want you to be aware of this one now because you might be surprised if you suddenly find the threading technician doing it. Some hold the threading thread between their teeth as they are working. Note that none of that part will get on you because the string is surprisingly long. So, you don't have to worry about saliva.

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It Takes Out The Entire Hair

Another plus about threading is that it removes the hair at the root, like waxing and plucking. In comparison, shaving simply trims the hair to below the surface which is why regrowth is faster. What's more, hairs that have been threaded should grow back finer because the process weakness the hair root over time. Unlike waxing, you can start threading as soon as hairs are visible. You don't have to wait for them to get long enough.

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It Can Be A Good Option For Sensitive Skin

Some say that threading is a good option for sensitive skin because it takes out individual hairs and doesn't affect as large of an area of skin as other methods. That being said, it will depend on the skill the technician, the area being threaded, your skin's sensitivity, and what you apply on your skin before and after. There are some people who will get red skin no matter what so you'll want to consider that when booking your threading appointment.

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Have you ever tried threading? Did it hurt? Let us know in the comments!


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