20 Style Tips On How To Wear Pleated Pants

You’re probably thinking about mini skirts, maxi dresses, floral pants, and jorts now that it’s summer. It’s understandable because they’re summer styles. But, I encourage you to look beyond those traditional styles to more unexpected things, like pleated pants, to keep your warm weather wardrobe fresh.

So we’re all on the same page, I’m not talking about pants with a couple of pleats at the waist. I’m talking about pants that are made entirely of pleated fabric. Not only are the comfy and easy to slip on, they’re also very lightweight making them a perfect piece to wear into the summer — and into the fall.

Another plus is that they’re versatile. You can swap your pleated pants for pretty much anything. Keep scrolling down to see 20 style hacks on how to wear pleated pants.

1. White Blouse And Bright Blue Pleated Pants

The proportions in this outfit are as fabulous as the colors.


2. Printed Top And Coral Pleated Trousers

Wear this now and you could wear it into fall thanks to the colors. In chillier times, you could add a jacket.


3. White Tank Top And Beige Pleated Pants

Say hello to your new summer outfit.


4. Rainbow Tassel Blouse And Black Pleated Pants

This is perfect for summer. Try a pair of cropped pleated trousers to increase the summer vibes.


5. Black T-Shirt And White Pleated Pants

Instead of always wearing dark colors on the bottom, switch things up. These white pleated pants are one great way to make a look feel fresh.


6. Polka Dot Blouse And Voluminous Pleated Trousers

This has some gorgeous vintage vibes thanks to the blouse and earrings. I love the way the earrings coordinate with the pleated pants.


7. Crop Top And Cuffed Pleated Pants

Balance a flirty crop top with a pair of high-waisted pleated pants. Try the cuffed detail.


8. Printed Blouse And Dark Pleated Trousers

Instead of sweats, try this look on the weekend. It’s chic and so comfortable.


9. Embellished Jacket And Pink Pleated Pants

For when it’s a bit cold outside and you want to look super chic.


10. Off-The-Shoulder Top And Pleated Pants

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Off-the-shoulder tops are as big as pleated trousers. So, why not combine them both together?

11. Three Quarter Length Top And Navy Pleated Pants

They look like a skirt, but they’re actually trousers.


12. Printed Top And Burgundy Pleated Trousers

Coordinate your trousers with a color in a printed top for a chic finish.


13. Denim Jacket And Pleated Pants

The dusty blue of the pants makes this look like a double denim look, but it’s not.


14. Black T-Shirt And Light Pleated Trousers

Here’s another lo-fi look to rock pleated pants. The Converse add a rocker twist that suits the tee.


15. White Off-The-Shoulder Top And Pink Pleated Pants

Pretty in pink?

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With the sandals this is an easy, breezy look.


16. Long-Sleeved Sweater And Cropped Pleated Pants

Wear this now on brisk nights and in the fall all the time.


17. Embellished Top And Blue Pleated Pants

Try this lewk instead of a dress or jumpsuit. The cornflower blue pants are a fun twist instead of the expected silver or black.


18. Graphic T-Shirt And Cropped Black Pants

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Swap your jeans and jean shorts for black cropped pants.  The buckled heels dress up the tee.


19. Hot Pink Crop Top And Pleated Trousers

Slay, girl. Take this to the beach then out on date night.


20. Eyelet Top And Pale Pink Pleated Pants

The different colors and textures are so pretty.


What styling hack is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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