6 Tips To Try And Save An Awkward Date

First dates hold a lot of potential. They’re an opportunity to get to know someone who you have been crushing on for weeks — or maybe even months, or years. The problem is that there can be a lot of pressure. What’s more, even if you think there’s a connection, you can find that it isn’t the right connection … or it was all just the thrill of the chase. Then there are times where you can feel a connection with your date, but the situation is just awkward AF.

There are some things that you can do ahead of time to prevent a dating disaster. For example, you can choose a good first date location that allows you to get to know each other but minimizes the chance of long, awkward silences. Some people also consider going on group dates or double dates to prevent awkwardness.

When you’re actually on the date, you don’t have as many options, but there still are some things you can do that could turn the date around. Here are six ways to save a date. If you do them and things don’t result in a second date, don’t sweat it. You’ve learned that your date wasn’t the best person for you so you can go out and find someone who is better suited.

Acknowledge The Awkwardness

You know what people say about breaking the ice? To do that, sometimes you need to acknowledge the awkwardness. You know it's there. And your date knows it's there. Rather than you both pretending that there are no first date jitters, get real. If you do it in an honest way and can laugh at yourself, it should be a hit. Once the ice is broken, you might find yourself connecting on a whole new level with your date.

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Consider Apologizing If You Did Something Wrong

Did you completely panic and call your date your ex's name? Gah. Or, perhaps you were talking about something and went on a long-winded rant about your ex. Maybe you accidentally dropped the fork on your date's foot. We all have our moments. Maybe you apologized at the time. Maybe you didn't. Do it again when you have a few moments to yourself. You can also follow the first point and bring up the awkwardness.

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Put Away Your Phone

This might seem really obvious, but I bet if your phone is glued to your hand on dates. Some people might use it as a security blanket. Some people also use their phones to fake an emergency. If you see potential in your date and you want to try a second date, don't make it look like you're not interested because you have your phone in your hand. The only time it's acceptable to have your phone is if you're using it to show your date something. In that case, it's a good thing because it's encouraging bonding between the two of you.

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Ask Your Date Some Questions

Dates can turn awkward when one person overpowers the conversation. Sometimes they don't mean to do it. When some people get nervous, they can start talking a lot while others clam up. If you think you started nervously gabbing and your date is naturally quiet, make a conscious effort to include him/her in the conversation by asking some questions. It shows you're interested which is obviously a good thing.

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Identify The Root Of The Problem

To solve any problem, you need to know the cause of it. Perhaps, there could be more than one thing. Did you just get over a cold? Did you have a really rough day? Did you and bae get your meeting time and place mixed up? Is there no chemistry? If it's any problem except the last one, there likely could be a way to fix it. So, try to pinpoint where the date went wrong then go into recovery mode.

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Don't Give Up

You're not a quitter are you, girl? So don't give up just yet. If things were going well, you have a connection, and you're interested in seeing more of your date, make it known. There won't be a next time unless you make it clear that you're interested so make your feelings clear without being too intense. Your date might actually be wondering just how interested you are so showing your feelings could be the thing to save the date and bag you another one.

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What was your most awkward first date experience? Let us know in the comments!


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