19 Foot Tattoos You Will Never Want To Cover Up

When you really start thinking about it, there are a lot of places you can tattoo on your body. You could pretty much tattoo anywhere. The places that people tend to get inked include fingers, wrists, shoulders, and side boobs, but there are some other interesting places to get tatted up. Have you ever thought about getting an armpit or a cuticle tattoo? If those are a bit too different for you, how about a foot tattoo?

Feet tattoos are actually quite versatile. It might not seem like much space, but the top of your foot is the perfect mini canvas. Don’t forget about heels, toes, and even the bottom of feet. You can also get a tattoo that extends up the leg. As for design, pretty much anything goes. Your tattoo artist should be able to take almost any subject, place, or thing and shrink in down so it fits perfectly on your foot. The only downside to feet tattoos is that you will be tempted to never wear shoes because you want to cover up your pretty ink. (That’s what sandals are for.)

Keep scrolling to see 19 amazing foot tattoos.

1. Cat Ankle Tattoo

Lazy cat for Kat. #defliketonestattoo #cattattoo #dotworktattoo #foottattoo

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Who doesn’t love a lazy cat? This placement is also adorable.


2. Patronus And The Deathly Hallows Symbol

For all the Harry Potter fans. It’s not technically labeled as a patronus, but I’m going ahead and calling it one thanks to the colors and the Deathly Hallows symbol being there.


3. Heart And Birds Tattoo

Fly up, little birdies.


4. I regret nothing.

When your heels perfectly show off your tattoo.


5. Mandala Bottom Of The Foot Tattoo

This might be covered when you walk, but it’s a fun surprise.


6. Tree of Life Double Foot Tattoo

Even if you don’t copy this tree of life design, you can still get inspired by the idea of having a pattern that continues across both feet.


7. Little Bug

Even if you don’t like bugs, you probably like this adorable lil’ tattoo.


8. Three Elephants

Totally adorable.


9. Blowing Dandelions

The arty photo makes the tattoos look cute, but that design would look amazing, filter, no filter, or IRL.


10. Peter Pan Silhouettes

Here’s a new one for the Disney fans.


11. Thistle

This style and the colors are beautiful.


12. Happy

Here’s another unique placement for you. Bonus points for coordinating the tattoo and shirt.


13. Multicolored Flowers

I was just talking about great placement. Well, take a look at this ink.


14. Ornamental Mandala 

It’s tattoos like this that show why mandalas are so popular.


15. Foot And Leg Constellation Tattoo

Continue that constellation tattoo up your leg.


16. Feathered Anklet

This is actually a cover up. You’d never guess, would you?


17. It’s my life.

The addition of the quill is a nice finishing touch.


18. Tiny Foot Tattoo

What coordinates are you going to choose?


19. Mandala And Dot Tattoo

Love the cute details on the toes.


Have you ever considered getting a foot tattoo? Let us know in the comments!


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