6 Bad Habits That Are Making Body Acne Worse In The Summer

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much to complain about in terms of summer. Sure, it’s not perfect, but nothing is…and it’s pretty gosh darn close. Some things that bring the warm weather down include sunburns, bug bites (the worst), unexpected torrential thunderstorms, and body acne becoming worse.

I’m going to focus on the last one today because it can be a problem. For one thing, the hot weather probably means that you want to shed some layers and rock tops with open backs, strappy necklines, and cutouts. But if you have body acne, you might feel self-conscious showing off your skin. I see where you’re coming from and want you to know that you should never feel like you cannot wear something because of your body.

That being said, I get that you would probably feel more confident if your body acne cleared up. So, I’m sharing some tips. Here are six bad habits that could be making body acne worse. If you’re doing them, cut them out and see if they make a difference to your skin.

Wear Tight Fitting Clothes

You probably wear tighter clothes more in the summer than other times of year. It is the season of bathing suits, T-shirts, cropped tops, and jumpsuits. They're great, but be aware that they could be exacerbating body acne, especially if the formfitting styles are made out of non-breathable fabrics. Basically, the tight fabric can trap sweat, dirt, and oil which can lead to breakouts. If you do love tight styles, try wearing something looser every couple of days and make sure that you're cleansing regularly.

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Using The Wrong Body Products

What you put on your body can impact the way skin looks. The first products can clear acne up while the wrong ones can make skin breakout. Pay close attention to body washes and body lotions. For the former, look for ones formulated for acne-prone skin. In terms of body lotions, watch out for heavy fragrances. Look for ones that are suitable for acne or sensitive skin and that say they're noncomedogenic because that means they're less likely to clog pores. And don't forget about self-tanner. It's a summer essential for a lot of people but the ingredients in it can lead to breakouts.

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Not Showering After Getting Very Sweaty

If you're a girl who doesn't like to shower, listen up. I previously touched on how dirt, oil, and sweat build up on the body when wearing tight clothes. In hot, muggy weather, you're going to get sweaty no matter what you wear. If you don't shower, that sweat and dirt doesn't have anywhere to go, which means that it's probably going to be absorbed into pores. Hello, pimples.

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Not Washing Your Bra Or Bikini Top

Before you say, *My bikini gets washed when I go in the water,* hold up. That's not enough. Whether you're in the pool or the ocean, a bikini top's fabric will absorb dirt, oil, sweat, skincare products, and more, and splashing in the waves isn't going to be enough to remove all of that residue. While you're washing your swimsuit, don't forget about your bras. Those things can become one pile of dirt and sweat. Sorry, but it's true. Just think about how much you sweat on the average day in summer. Now multiply that by all the days you wore the bra. Ick.

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Using The Wrong Sunscreen

There are a lot of sunscreen formulas out there so you shouldn't be wearing one that makes you break out or that you don't like. Look for ones that are noncomedogenic and are labeled for those with oily or acne-prone skin because they'll have less chance of causing zits. Another tip: Make sure that you're showering at the end of the day. You don't want all of that sunscreen left on while you're sleeping. Even if it's a noncomedogenic formula, it's still a good idea to cleanse at the end of the day.

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Constantly Touching Skin

I know that it can be very hard to not touch skin, especially when you have body acne. You're probably constantly inspecting skin in the mirror and picking pimples, right? Make a valiant effort to stop doing it. For one thing, your fingers have dirt, oil, and bacteria on them. Constantly touching other areas spreads all those nasties which can make things worse. Secondly, picking and popping pimples can lead to scarring as well as more pimples. Why? The bacteria that causes zits can get pushed down into skin which leads to more of them.

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Where do you get acne? Let us know in the comments!


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