6 Reasons Skipping Meals Is The Worst

Have you ever been so busy that you don’t even want to stop and break to eat? Are you so focused that you don’t even want to take two minutes to eat a bowl or cereal or an apple? You might feel this way when you’re studying for exams or when you have eight deadlines looming over your head and a to-do list that’s a mile long.

You might think that you’re being very focused and disciplined, but you aren’t doing your body any favors. While you might think skipping eating is benefiting you, it’s likely going to cost you in the long run. Skipping meals is no bueno in any situation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re too busy, lazy, or don’t have anything good in the fridge. It’s important to eat. Yes, I’m including breakfast in that, too.

Here are six reasons why skipping meals is actually the worst.

You Will Have Difficulty Concentrating

If you're someone who frequently *doesn't have time for breakfast* then you're probably familiar with this. How many days do you feel lightheaded and cannot focus on anything that your teacher is saying when it gets to around 11 o'clock? It's not just because your teacher is droning on about integers. Food is brain power and when you don't have enough — or any at all — your ability to concentrate goes way down. Eating regularly will prevent your brain from going foggy.

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You Will Get Hangry

Hangry isn't just a favorite phrase of the internet. It's a legit thing. Seventeen reports that a person's mood plummets along with their blood sugar and attention span when they skip meals. The body basically goes into survival mode which puts you on the edge. To prevent you from biting someone's head off when you're majorly angry, try to eat regularly.

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It Can Mess Up Your Blood Pressure

You might think that blood pressure is something only your parents and grandparents have to worry about, but skipping meals can throw your blood pressure out of whack. When you don't eat, it can put a strain on all sorts of body functions, including blood pressure. High blood pressure isn't good because if it gets very high, it can weaken the blood vessels, and in extreme cases cause blood clots and even strokes. I'm not saying you're going to have a stroke if you skip breakfast, but know that regularly skipping meals can impact blood pressure and having high blood pressure for a long period of time can have a negative impact.

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Your Risk Of Some Diseases Could Increase

I bet I have your attention now, right? According to Prevention, one study found that those who skipped breakfast regularly had a 20 percent increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The issue is that our bodies fast at night when we sleep. If we don't *break the fast* in the morning, it strains out bodies and can throw our levels out of whack.

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It Makes You More Likely To Overeat

Some people who are dieting might consider skipping meals. First of all, it's not a healthy way to eat. You should be focused on choosing wholesome foods that nourish your body and not be concerned about restrictions. Secondly, skipping meals makes you much more likely to overeat later — and you normally end up eating the wrong stuff. The thing is that when you get beyond hungry, it's likely you will start scoffing down as much food as possible. And you'll probably keep eating even after you're already full.

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It Makes You Tired

This is why you shouldn't consider skipping meals, especially if you have things to do. Food is fuel and what happens when things don't have fuel? They burn out. So, keep feeding your body to keep yourself energized. Instead of always reaching for coffee when you feel tired, try having something nourishing to eat. You'll likely feel revived and you won't have to deal with the caffeine crash later.

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Do you often skip meals? Let us know in the comments!


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