15 Reasons Group Dates Are The Worst

If you’ve just starting dating someone, you might think that going on a group date is a good idea. In theory, it seems pretty good. You can get to know the other person better but in a more relaxed atmosphere. Plus, you’ll have your friends there for moral support or in case things get awkward and you don’t know how to carry the conversation.

Those are points that make group dates good options, but group dates have the potential to go very wrong. The key thing is choosing a couple(s) who you think would be a good match for you and your date. Sometimes, the people who you think are the right fit can turn out to be the worst group daters. Here are 15 reasons why group dates can actually be the worst.

1. The other couple(s) has no sense of time or respect for you waiting.

Sorry, we had an emergency situation. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


2. You make the rookie mistake of not meeting your date beforehand.

Just standing here among people kissing all by myself. Not awkward at all.


3. Just coordinating it can be a nightmare. 

You’re free on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but we’re free Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Can you do 5:00 PM on Sunday? What about 5:15 PM? Why don’t you like that time?


4. Your date becomes more interested in your friend than you.

Well, that’s one way to find out that he/she is actually a jerk.


5. The other couple will try to make things very competitive.

We’ve been to the movies eight times, what about you? We had our first kiss on our first date, can you say the same? We’re going hiking next weekend. What do you mean you’ve never considered going hiking together?


6. You could end up staring at the other couple getting hot and heavy.

You know the etiquette rules about keeping your make out sessions in check, but clearly they don’t. Get a room!


7. It becomes clear the other couple aren’t into each other and you have to pick up the pieces.

We weren’t expecting to be referees when we organized this date…


8. Your friend’s date turns out to be the most annoying person on the planet. 

Him? Where did she find this guy? She said he was cool and she has good taste.


9. Someone will make things super awkward about the bill.

There are so many ways it can get awkward quickly from someone ordering things you don’t want “for the table,” to the person who pretends there is no bill, to the person who goes to the bathroom then leaves so they don’t have to pay. It happens.


10. It becomes a bromance.

Instead of you and your date getting to know each other people, the boys end up connecting and spend the entire time only focused on each other. Meanwhile, you and your friend could disappear and they wouldn’t even notice.


11. When you give your date a quick kiss, everybody starts cheering.

That definitely killed the mood.


12. There ends up being a big group argument despite sticking to pleasant and safe conversation topics.

We avoided politics yet we’ve managed to get into a fight about The Bachelor?!


13. Someone brings up an embarrassing story about you that you didn’t want your date to ever know.

Note to self: Never inviting them on a group date again.


14. Someone starts playing footsie with you under the table during a dinner date, and you’re pretty sure it’s not your date.

Who plays footsie anyways?


15. After having an awkward time, one of the couples suggest getting together every week.

Dude, how are we going to get out of this now that we’ve done it once? *Face palm*


Have you ever been on a group date? Let us know in the comments!


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