20 Style Tips On How To Wear Floral Pants

Think fast: What’s one of the most summery fashion prints? That’s right, florals. Floral dresses are probably the most popular option, but if you stop there, you’re missing out. You can find pretty much anything decorated with a floral print and that includes pants.

If you’re used to only wearing solid colored pants (ahem, jeans), the idea of wearing a pair of floral printed pants might seem a little *wild.* I encourage you to give it a try because a pair of floral pants can be just as pretty as any dress. What’s more, there are a variety of styles, colors, and designs to choose from. You can choose a smaller print if you want a softer look or you can go bold and embrace a large tropical design for all the summer vibes.

Once you have your pants, it’s just a matter of working them into your wardrobe. Scroll down to see 20 style tips on how to wear floral pants.

1. Coordinating Floral Blouse And Pants

Love to match? Try floral co-ords. A ditsy print is as cute as loud prints.


2. Black Floral Blazer And Pants

See what I just said about coordinates? Instead, of a top, try a blazer. Wear a plain shirt underneath to break up all of the print.


3. White Blouse And Flowing Floral Trousers

Don’t forget about a white button-down. It’s a classic piece that works with anything, including bold floral pants.


4. Pastel Jacket And Cropped Floral Trousers

Flowing floral trousers a bit too bohemian for your style? Try a different vibe with a slim cropped pair. A pastel jacket is a nice contrast, especially with darker bottoms.


5. Frilled Crop Top And Pink Floral Pants

Pure vacation vibes. The heels and statement earrings dress it up. You could totally rock this on date night.


6. White Lace Top And Blue Floral Pants

Frills plus florals? Yes, please.


7. Leather Jacket And Floral Trousers

There’s no need to put those printed pants away when the temperature dips a bit. Just add a biker jacket on top.


8. Green Peplum Top And Floral Printed Trousers

You can never go wrong with picking out one of the accent colors in your pants and matching your top to it.


9. Black Top And Floral Pants

Concerned that florals might be too intense? Try a print with a black background and layer it with a coordinating tank top.


10. White Blazer, Hat, And Black Floral Trousers

It’s not just about your trousers; it’s about what you wear with them. Take note of all of the accessories and the jacket.


11. Graphic T-Shirt And Floral Leggings

Here’s a completely different take, that’s just as adorable. Try a pair of floral printed cropped leggings/yoga pants with a graphic tee. It works when hitting the gym or when chilling on the weekend.


12. Polka Dot Crop Top And Floral Trousers

How cute is this pattern combination? Stop being afraid of mixing prints.


13. Pink Blazer, White Blouse, And Floral Trousers

Looking for something a bit more formal? Dress up cropped floral trousers with a white blouse and pale blazer.


14. Graphic T-Shirt And Floral Trousers

Put those denim cut-offs down and wear your graphic T-shirt with flowing floral pants.


15. Striped Top And Floral Pants

Don’t just coordinate colors. Try coordinating soft prints. These floral pants with soft striped top are perfect.


16. Striped Top And Floral Trousers

Why stop at just one pattern? Try mixing graphic stripes with bold florals.


17. Black Top And Blue Floral Trousers

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Who said you have to match your top to the colors in your trousers? Try a different color completely.


18. Floral Print Co-ords And White Boots

Don’t put away your trendy white boots just yet. Work them into a summer co-ords look. A dark print plus white boots looks especially great.


19. Off-The-Shoulder Top, Black Floral Pants, And Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings, an off-the-shoulder-top, and floral trousers are major summer vibes. This would work on vacation, at the beach, going out to brunch, or date night.


20. White Floppy Hat, Red Floral Pants, And Straw Bag

If you’re wearing floral accessories, you might as well go for pure summer vibes with your accessories.


Do you own floral pants? Let us know in the comments!


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