How To Stay Focused During The Last Few Weeks Of School

It’s almost June. Prom is happening and the first day of summer is practically within reach. The warmer weather and ice cream trucks only help increase the feeling that summer is here. The problem is that it’s not here yet. We still have exams, tests, and assignments to finish up.

As tempting as it may be, now isn’t the time to slack. Even if you’re a high school senior and you already have your acceptance in the bag doesn’t mean you’re free to slack. You’ve been working hard all year so you should finish the year as strong as you started it. And I know you have the skills to do it.

What’s that? You’re having trouble focusing with everything going on the #summervibes already taking over? I get it. If you honestly are trying to concentrate but are still struggling, here are some tips on how to stay focused until the school year is officially over.

Set Yourself Specific Study Times

Even if it's lousy weather outside and you have no plans, you cannot study from sunrise until sunset. You're a human being. Even if you try to study for an extended period of time, it will become less effective after a while because your mind will start wandering or you'll start dozing off. To prevent that from happening, organize blocks of studying time. When time is up, take a break. Go have a coffee, text a friend, read a chapter in a book you actually like. When you go back to studying, you'll feel refreshed.

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Start A Countdown

Does it seem like the end of school just isn't coming fast enough? Start a countdown. It'll feel very satisfying when you cross one more school day down and get closer to the end. Seeing the days crossed off should also motivate you to keep going. Just think about the hundreds of school days you've already completed. You can do these few more weeks. If you want to have an extra incentive to keep going, plan something special for the first days of summer.

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Reward Yourself Each Time You Accomplish Something

This one is easy if you've already created a countdown of all of your assignments and tests you have left to do. Every time you check one off, treat yourself to something small. It could be a literal treat like a chocolate bar or cookie, or it could be something you enjoy doing like watching an episode of your favorite show or going outside and watching the sun set.

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Try Organizing A Study Group

A group setting can help you stay focused and give you the motivation to finish school a high note. The essential thing is to choose the right people and make it clear that your intention of getting together is to study. If someone tries to turn it into a party session, kick them out. If everyone can't stay focused, ditch them. It's hard enough staying focused on your own, never mind with a bunch of others. But, if you choose the right people, studying might not feel like as much of a chore.

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Try Studying Outside

Are you angry about studying because you wish you could be outside enjoying the nice weather? Go outside with your books. Just make sure that you pick a spot where you can actually stay focused and study. You don't want to be so comfortable that you fall asleep. You also don't want to go to the park to study and end up watching all the semi-naked hotties playing football. It's your history texts you need to be studying, not the babes, girl.

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Try To Put Things in Perspective

In the moment, you might think that you deserve to chill after so many months of working hard. But are a few hours of having fun now worth sacrificing the marks and possible honor lists and scholarships that you spent all this time trying to maintain — especially when you're going to have a lot more free time in the summer? Think about all of your sacrifices, dedication, and commitment that got you to this point. Do you want to throw that all away when you're so close to the finish?

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Change Your Attitude

Overcoming something is sometimes more about the way we approach it mentally rather than the actual task. If you make out studying to be this dreaded evil thing, it will be that much harder to do. So, try and muster together your strength and resolve and look at these last remaining weeks of school as the time to kick butt and show what an awesome student you are. Keep repeating the mantras to lead yourself on the way to victory...aka an A.

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What are you most looking forward to in summer? Let us know in the comments!


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