19 Adorable Summer Braid Hairstyle Ideas

You cannot get more summery than a braid. Well, maybe you could if you stuck a few flowers in it and sprayed it with a coconut perfume. If you want to get creative with your summer hairstyle and try that look out, by all means, go for it.

In need of some inspiration? If you’re looking for some other unique ways to switch up your go-to summer braid, there are countless ideas. I’ve rounded up some pretty options for you right here. You’re welcome. Here are 19 super cute summer braid hairstyle ideas to try out this season.

1. Full Side Braid

Pro tip: Gently pull out your side braid so it looks extra thick. Then brush all of your hair over your shoulder for a romantic look.


2. Braid With Ribbon

This soft braid already has boho vibes, but the ribbon makes it. Notice the way it coordinates with her look?


3. Low Ponytail With Braids

This look is adorable no matter what angle you’re looking at.


4. Braid On A Braid

Once you get passed this flawless lilac hair, check out the braid on a braid combination. It looks complicated but all you really need to do is leave a section of hair out of the big braid then attach everything at the base of the ponytail.


5. Half Updo With Braids And Stars

You might not be able to see this look if you recreate it, but know that it’ll be just as flawless as this. The coiled braids would be stunning by themselves, but some sparkly hair accessories up the wow factor. See these star clips.


6. Low Braid With Bow

Here’s another example of why you cannot go wrong with a bow and braids. The placement of this bow is key. It’s effortless.


7. Half Updo With Braided Side

This probably isn’t the half updo you had in mind. Once you see it, you realize how stunning it is. Simply plait the hair on one side of your head but leave half the ends loose. Pin everything at the back of the head so the loose ends will fall over one shoulder.


8. Half Up Hair With Center Braid

Why have a center part when you can have center braid?


9. Braided Bun

How gorgeous is this, you guys? The little details really make it from the different sized braids to the hair beads.


10. Undone Braid

Proof that sometimes messy hair is the best.


11. Braided Back

A surprise-from-behind-hairstyle always looks good. Trust.


12. High Braid With Flowers

Remember what I said about popping flowers in a braid? Do it here.


13. Asymmetrical Braid With Flower

If you already went to prom, you might be regretting you didn’t see this look earlier. It would still work for weddings or any other occasion you want to bust out a flower.


14. Wavy Hair With Hair Piercings

If you haven’t tried hair piercings now is the time. Don’t worry, there’s no splitting of hairs going on. They’re just hair accessories that look especially cute with braids. See this look for proof.


15. High Braided Bun

Brush all of your hair onto the top of your head then wrap a braid around it. There you go, done.


16. Side Braid With Hair Clip

Here’s a way to switch up your side braid. Leave a few strands loose then add a sparkly hair accessory.


17. Braided Back And Ponytail

Look at the volume and all of those twists. Love.


18. Braids With Low Bun

Instead of leaving your boxer braids, twist the ends into a bun.


19. Space Buns With Braided Back

Looking for a way to make last year’s space buns feel fresh? Braid the backs. Get a friend to help you or you can use a double mirror.


Have you ever been on a group date? Let us know in the comments!


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