15 Pretty Graduation Hairstyle Ideas To Try Out

When prom is all said and done with, graduation comes. Graduating is exciting for a number of reasons. If you’re feeling a bit stressed out about it, don’t worry because I’m keeping things light with this post. Instead of talking about next chapters and plans for the future, I’m here to discuss graduation hairstyles.

Whether you’re wearing a cap or nothing on your head, you want a cute look that shows off your gorgeous face. There are a number of options to play around with that work whether you’re sporting something on your head or not. And if your wallet is pretty much empty after going to prom, don’t sweat because you can create these easy graduation hairstyles yourself. Keep scrolling down to see 15 pretty graduation hairstyles to get inspired by.

1. Straight Hair

There’s no need to get overly complicated. Don’t underestimate how pretty a sleek hairstyle can be.


2. Low Tousled Bun

This will work whether you wearing a cap or not.


3. Side Fishtail Braid and Waves

Prom ready ?? Hair by @hairbystephaniej

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Braiding the front layers back helps show off your gorgeous face.


4. Tousled Waves

Rather than tight curls, try undone waves for a modern finish.


5. Twisted Half Updo

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When positioned right, you can still see the twist when wearing a cap.


6. Undone Updo

You don’t have to choose a sleek hairdo. An undone braided style looks gorgeous and it can actually improve with wear.


7. Low Bun With Tendrils

The curled pieces help frame her face.


8. Low Ponytail

You don’t have to worry about a low pony fitting under your cap.


9. Side-Parted Waves

Copy the placement of the cap and the waves.


10. Low Braided Bun

This is adorable for graduation and prom.


11. Low Bun With Tiny Braids

The lil’ braids help add some extra texture.


12. Low Wavy Ponytail With Braid

Even if you don’t have ombre hair like this, the hairstyle would be gorgeous with any color hair thanks to the curls and braid.


13. Undone Side Braid

Congratulations again sweet J! ? Hair by me.

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Side braids work for summer and they can work for graduation.


14. Low Braided Bun

Graduation Day ??‍?Hair by @hairbystephaniej ?

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Gorgeous from the front and the back.


15. Half Updo With Twist

This is sooooo chic.


How do you want to wear your hair for graduation? Let us know in the comments!


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