6 Things You Should Never Do To A Sunburn

You went outside to enjoy the hot, sunny weather and you got burned. Don’t worry, I’m not going to shame you or make you feel any worse for it. I know that you’re probably dealing with some uncomfortable results and you have realized your mistake. I’m actually writing this post to help you out.

If you get sunburned, you might be tempted to accept defeat and wait things out until your burn goes away by itself. You could do that, but it’s usually not the best option. Now, is the time to take action. There are a number of ways you can help soothe and heal a sunburn. They’ll help you feel more comfortable, less sticky, and they will promote healing.

On the flip side, there are also some things you should avoid. Knowing about them is as important as knowing sunburn hacks because doing the wrong thing could lead to more problems. And I know that you don’t want to deal with anything more than your flaming red sunburn at the mo. Have a look at six things you should NOT do when you have a sunburn. Stay away from them so your burn can health without any further complications.

You Pick At It

Gah. I actually feel a bit sick thinking about this one. When sunburns start to heal, you can end up with dry, flaky skin. I get how tempting it is to pick it. It's the equivalent of having a huge zit on your chin that you cannot resist popping. But, I want you to keep your paws off of that sunburn...and any zits, too. In fact, try to avoid touching your sunburn at all. Period. That includes popping blisters. All of the scratching, picking, and popping can actually lead to more damage and potentially cause scarring and infection. Let your skin heal on its own.

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You Continue Using Your Regular Skincare And Body Products

Yeah, skincare and body products are designed for skin but they're not necessarily designed for sunburned skin. Normally, there are specific formulas for that. If you use your regular products on your sunburned skin, you could get a reaction or irritate skin further. A lot of skincare products contain strong ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, and dyes which are too much for delicate skin. Your safest bet is using straight-up water and non-scented aloe products to soothe your burn.

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You Wear Tight Clothes

Your wardrobe is something that you might not think about when dealing with sunburns, but it's an important consideration. The best things to wear are loose clothes made out of breathable materials like cotton. If you wear something that's tight, it won't allow skin to breathe which can make treatment longer. What's more, tight clothes often rub. The last thing you want is excess rubbing on inflamed, sunburned skin. Ouch.

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You Have A Hot Bath

Even if you love steamy showers and baths, it's in your best interest to hold off on them until your sunburn is healed. Sunburns already make skin hot so a hot bath will make you feel more flushed and uncomfortable. And that balmy water will not soothe skin. It'll do the opposite. Things will be even worse if you use a scented bubble bath or body lotion. Remember what I said about beauty products?

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Attempt To Cover It Up With Makeup

No one really wants to walk around with their lobster red skin on display. I get it. But, it's much better for you and your skin to leave it be as opposed to covering it up with makeup. First, makeup doesn't treat the problem and treating your sunburn should be your priority. It only attempts to cover it up. I say *attempts* because you cannot really ever do a good job of covering up a sunburn. What's more, skin needs to breathe and heal. You don't want to be adding unnecessary products on top of that could lead to further irritation. If you're concerned about protecting your sunburn, stick with sunscreen.

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Exfoliating isn't that different from picking and popping a sunburn. I've already said my lecture on how bad that can be. Know that the same problems can happen with exfoliating. Exfoliating products, whether you're using grainy scrubs or products with acids, are waaaaaay too strong and harsh for sunburned skin. They can already be too harsh for healthy, sensitive skin. So, putting them on top of damaged sunburn skin can make the problem worse. I know the dry skin is annoying, but let it be.

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Have you ever had a bad sunburn? Let us know in the comments!


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