17 Pretty Ways To Wear Colored Mascara

Black mascara is a classic thing that’s incorporated in almost every beauty look. Even if you’re someone who prefers a minimalist makeup look, you probably swipe on a few coats of mascara to draw attention to your eyes. If you want to make eyes really dazzle, black mascara isn’t the best option. You’re better off choosing a colored mascara.

Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, teal, white, pink. You can actually get mascara in all the colors of the rainbow — and colorful mascaras are actually easy to find at the drugstore, beauty counters, and online. It’s understandable if you weren’t aware of it given that you probably automatically reach for the same black mascara time and time again. But, I’m encouraging you know to switch things up.

Summer is the perfect time to play with colored mascara. It’s an effortless look, it suits the warm weather, and mascara holds up in heat and humidity better than eyeshadow. Colored mascara is also trending. Have I given you enough reasons? Then get on it. Here are 17 pretty ways to wear colored mascara.

1. Blue Eyeshadow And Light Blue Mascara

Instead of a dark mascara and light eyeshadow, try the opposite. This blue combination is fierce.


2. Blue Mascara, Glitter, And Glossy Red Lipstick

Even without the glitter, the blue mascara makes eyes pop. I encourage you to try the sprinkle of glitter on the inner corners and underneath the eyes. The shimmer enhances the glossy lip color.


3. Pink Mascara, Eyeliner, And Lipstick

Match all of your makeup including your mascara, eyeliner, and brows. Feeling daring? Try contrasting purple eyebrows.


4. Yellow Eyeshadow, Green Mascara, And Pink Lipstick

FYI: Yellow eyeshadow is one of the hottest shades. Make it really pop with green mascara and pink lipstick.


5. Peach Mascara, Eyeshadow, And Lipstick

See the peach mascara? You don’t have to apply colored mascara all over. You can mix it with black. Peach is also a more unexpected color but looks beautiful in a neutral makeup look.


6. Rainbow Mascara

The super glossy skin might be hard to pull off IRL. The rainbow eyes are actually more wearable.  Try it for LGBTQ+ Pride or another time you want to try something besides colorful eyeshadow.


7. Red Lipstick And Mascara And Graphic Eyeliner

This is fire. Coordinate orange-red mascara with your lipstick. The flick of eyeliner on the outer corners increases the edginess.


8. Black And Green Mascara

I just talked about mixing and matching different mascaras. Here’s a more understated example. A touch of colored mascara on the bottom lashes is as pretty as a swipe of colored eyeliner.


9. Coral Mascara And Bronze Eyeliner

Have some fun this weekend and try out a colored mascara! Summer is the season for bold color makeup trends and I'm all in! If your not ready to try a bright color like this coral one from @maccosmetics try a navy blue or plum first. I bet you'll love it Wink, Wink! #poshtoplayground . . I'll be going live next week doing some makeup tips and tricks. What trends do you want to try? . . . . . . . #everydaymakeup #realmakeup #everydaystyle #bblogger #beautyblogger #everydaybeauty #teacherstyle #faceoftheday #fotd #fblogger #makeupcommunity #makeupselfie #makeupaddicted #macmakeup #lipsticklover #lippie #makeupgram #wakeupandmakeup #ckgirlsstylechallenge #theeyeshaveit #makeuptrend #beautytrend #makeupinspo #justaddglam #coloredlashes #coloredmascara #lasheslove

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There’s no need for bold eyeshadow when you’re wearing a vibrant colored mascara. If you want to add some color, this metallic eyeliner is a unique option.


10. Orange Mascara and Orange Lipstick

I’ve said it before but I will say it again: You cannot go wrong with matching eyes and lips.


11. Multicolored Eyes And Glossy Lips

Yeah, I know this is not an everyday look, but it’s so pretty you will want to try it out on a special occasion. The different textures are as pretty as the different colors.


12. Light Blue Mascara And Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is classic but it feels very fresh when paired with a pastel blue mascara.

13. Pink Eyeshadow And Lipstick And Blue Eyeshadow

The deep blue mascara actually isn’t the focal point here. That would be the pink lips and eyes. But, the colored mascara does add a cool twist.


14. Royal Blue Mascara And Red Lipstick

That blue mascara though. It brightens eyes in a way that black cannot compete with.


15. Yellow Eyeshadow, Mascara, And Red Lipstick

Here’s another way to experiment with yellow eyeshadow. Match your mascara to it then swipe on red lipstick. It’s such a cheerful combination.


16. Yellow Mascara And Pink Lip Stain

Here’s one more for you. The pink lip stain complements the vibrant eyes without being too much. If you’re heading to a festival, try drawing a star on your cheekbone or use an eyeliner stamp.


17. Pink Eyeshadow And Teal Mascara

There’s a world of possibilities with eyeshadow and mascara combinations. This is a beautiful idea.


Have you tried colored mascara? Let us know in the comments!


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