15 Whisper Confessions About Periods Being The Worst

When we first get our periods, we have so many questions, are freaked out about what’s going on with our bodies, and don’t feel prepared enough. What makes things harder is that we can be embarrassed to ask questions or talk about Auntie Flo coming to town with our friends, especially if we think that we’re one of the first to get our periods. It can leave us feeling alone and having to deal with PMS symptoms all by ourselves.

First off, girl, you’re not alone. There are countless people going through the exact same thing as you. If you still don’t feel comfortable talking to friends and family about it, people of the internet are here for you. And I’m here for you, too. If you’re looking for some relatable period talk, the Whisper app is just the thing. People always keep it real on the app, and that definitely applies when talking about menstruating.  Here are 15 Whisper confessions about periods being the worst that will have you nodding in agreement.

1. Guuuuuh.


Throwing out all of my light-colored clothing now.


2. Something to think about…


A very good point. Is it coming? Why am I late? What’s wrong with me? Am I pregnant?


3. When you try to be proactive so it doesn’t catch you out.


Will waste all the pads just to prevent unexpected stains and leaks.


4. When you think the cramps will legit be the end of you.


S.O.S. Birth control.


5. Come on.


I give up.


6. Freaking out.


It’s at this point you debate about staying home.


7. That’s not coming out.


And thanks for the panic.


8. Come out you spot.


Can someone invent bed sheets that don’t stain? Pleeeeease.


9. When you’re trying to get your fitness on but freaked out.


Curse you period.


10. Can’t stop the cravings.


Well, you can for a bit, but it normally involves a lot of eating.


11. Period skin is real people.


What is with these eruptions? Aren’t cramps bad enough?!


12. Why oh why?


Do I really need to start keeping toilet paper in my purse?


13. Eeeeep.


It’s sore just thinking about it.


14. It seems to get worse everything month.




15. When you’re trying to protect the sheets and it backfires.


Better to live with embarrassment than stains.


What Whisper confession did you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments!


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