7 Tips For Shopping Online You Need To Know

Are you an online shopper? Or, do you normally shop in bricks-and-mortar stores but are considering shopping in the virtual world? Whether you’re a total online newbie or you’re frequently browsing the web for clothes, there are some tips and tricks to make the experience better.

You’re probably familiar with how shopping in real life can result in some interesting experiences. What might look amazing on the rack can look absolutely ridiculous when you try it on. What can look soft and cozy can really be scratchy AF. When you’re online shopping, you don’t have the sense of touch (yet) and you cannot try things on before buying them. It does make things more challenging, but there are tips and tricks to make your chances of success higher.

Here are seven tips that will make online shopping easier and hopefully prevent you from making any regretful purchases.

Look At All Of The Photos

If a website has bothered to take photos of a garment at different angles and on a body and in the flat, look at them all. If they have one of those 360-degree views, spin it all the way around. It'll help you get the best idea of what the garment looks like. Even if the model isn't the same size as you, you can at least see how the clothes look on a body. When you look at the piece from different angles, you can also see if there are some random details like a see-through back or a very low armhole.


Actually Bother To Read The Product Description

Visuals tell us a lot, but product descriptions are invaluable. Why? You might assume that something is part of an outfit when it's actually sold separately. Product descriptions also reveal how something truly fits whereas the visual might use pins and play with the sizes of the clothes and model to give a different appearance. Never forget to read the fabric and wash instructions in the description. Some people find fabrics like wool to be very itchy while others don't want anything that is dry clean only.


Look At The Fine Print For Returns

A good thing about online shopping nowadays is that most places are pretty flexible. Note that I said most places. Some offer free returns while others allow you the ease of returning in store. But, that's not always the case. Some offer free returns for only a limited time or on certain purchases. Others don't offer it on sale or warehouse merchandise. Before you buy anything, make sure you're 100 percent clear about returns.


Create A Wishlist For All The Things You're Interested In

Wish lists are great because you can put all the clothes you're interested in in one spot. It makes it easy to see when they go on sale and to check what sizes are selling out. Another great thing about having a wish list is that some companies offer you deals if they see you have items in your wish list, but you haven't purchased them yet.


Sign Up For Email Notifications

If you get into the habit of online shopping, you might be scrolling your favorite sites every day. You'll likely see if there are special sales, but sometimes there are sales that are for subscribers only. Other times, subscribers get early access or extra incentives like free shipping, extra money off on their birthday, or free gifts. I bet that's all stuff you're interested in, right?


See If There Is A Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-ons are great because they let you try on clothes on a figure that closely resembles your own by enabling you to adjust the size and body shape. It's not always 100 percent accurate and not all online stores offer it, but it's worth doing if you're shopping somewhere that does. When it comes to online shopping, the more information, the better.


Set Yourself A Budget

The thing about online shopping is that it can get addictive because it's so easy to click a mouse a few times then enter your credit card information. There's more of an impact in real life when they're tallying up your bill and you have to hand over your card before carrying your big bag away. When you shop online, you can end up with piles of bags before you know it. That's why it's important to set yourself a budget. You might order some extra things because you're not sure what will work and what won't, but make sure that you return stuff to stay within your budget, okay?


How often do you shop online? Let us know in the comments!


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