8 Important Things To Remember About Prom

We’re well into prom season. I know that you probably have a lot on your mind from putting the finishing touches on your dress to considering how you’re going to do your hair, makeup, and nails. Not to mention that you probably have ride arrangements to coordinate and you have to figure out what you’re doing for prom weekend. Oh, and you have to likely deal with our strict parents on top of all that.

I get that your brain is probably reaching capacity, but I want you to pause all of those thoughts for a second and have a look at this list. There are just eight things and they will hopefully help you remember what prom is all about and put things into perspective. Here are the things to remember about prom.

It's About What You Want Do

I know that there are lots of prom traditions, but there's no rule that says you have to stick with them. Do what you want to do. Don't want to wear a dress? Rock a jumpsuit or a suit. Not into the idea of getting your hair and makeup done? Do your own. Single? There's no rule that says you must bring a date to be able to attend prom. You also shouldn't feel pressured to go in the first place. Going to prom should be something you want not something you feel you have to do.

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You Don't Have To Spend All The Money To Have A Great Time

All of the costs of prom can leave a serious dent in your wallet. There are obviously costs you have no control over like the price of your ticket, but don't let the open wallet make you think that must continue spending money to have a good time. You don't need the most expensive dress, designer shoes, or a hairdo created from a celebrity hairstylist. You could actually have all of that stuff and still have a miserable time at prom. Don't feel that you need to compete with other people. You do your thing and let them do their own.

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Nothing Will Ever Be 100 Percent Perfect

Some people have a lot of expectations about prom night. They think of it as the last hurrah before everyone graduates and does their own thing. If you're not a senior, you might still feel pressured to make this prom the best one yet. Prom will be a special night because everyone is getting dressed up and hopefully going to a nice venue, but try to keep your expectations in check. If you feel the pressure to make this the best evening of you life, you will probably be so concerned about figuring out how to do that you'll be stressing. Try to chill, go with the flow, and have fun. The best times usually happen organically when you're not over thinking things.

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Don't Get So Stressed About Planning That You Don't Enjoy It

Getting ready for prom might seem like a lot of dredge work with all of the organizing, spending, and prom calls. You might think to yourself that all the grunt work will pay off when you're having a great time at prom. That will be true, but also try to enjoy the planning stages. Try to see the positive sides in it. If you're doing it with other people, think of it as another opportunity to bond. There aren't many moments when you get to do this sort of thing together.

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You Don't Need A Date To Have A Good Time

Girl, you do not need a date to have a good time at prom and don't let anyone make you believe that. There are plenty of stories out there about people who went with dates and ended up crying on the steps outside prom because their date turned out to be a major you-know-what. If you're single, own it. Go with your squad and have an amazing time.

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Stay Safe And Don't Give Into Peer Pressure

I have to take on the parent hat for a second. You've heard the stories and you've probably had the talk at school, but I'm going to emphasize it again. Prom can be a blast, but you could also find yourself in a situation where you feel pressured to do something. Whether it's sex, drugs, alcohol, or something else, remember to stay safe and stick to your values. If anyone tries to criticize you or make fun of you for staying true to who you are, don't let it faze you. Their words are wind. The only thing that matters is that you stay true to yourself.

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Your Parents Want What's Best For You

I know that it might seem like your parents are totally against you when they're saying that you cannot do something or they're questioning why you need an $80 manicure for prom. You probably think they're the enemy at these points, but try to see things from their perspective. No, they're not intentionally trying to make you have an awful time at prom. They want what's best for you, plus, they do have budgets and your safety to think about.

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The Most Important Thing Is To Remember To Have Fun

I've said it before but I'll say it again. Prom is meant to be a fun experience. Period. When you're busy planning, getting ready, or heading out to prom, remember that.

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