7 Tips For Making A First Date Less Awkward

First dates can be very exciting. After weeks, nay, months of flirting, you and your crush finally realized that you had a connection and decided to do something about it. Hurrah. You might be so happy that you want to do a little jig, but first dates can also bring the nerves. I don’t want to freak you out, but this is the first time that you’re really doing something about your crush, and it’s the first time you’re getting to know each other.  

First date nerves and awkward silences are pretty much expected, but there are ways to make the situation better. Here are seven tips for making a first date less awkward.

Choose An Activity

Dinner dates are a classic, but the issue is that they can be prone to award silences. And you will be praying for the waiter to bring your mains. Not to mention that you have to deal with things like garlic breath and ending up with spinach in your teeth. Instead, try to look for an activity that's more involved than stuffing our pie hole. Play mini golf, go to a gallery, go for a walk, etc. Just make sure that it's something where you can still communicate. Movies are a good date option but not the best if you want to get to know each other.


Make A Joke About The Awkwardness

One way to break the ice is to address the big elephant in the room, and that's the awkwardness from nerves. The key is to do it right and at the correct time. You also want to make sure that you make it clear you're referencing yourself, too. You don't want your date to think you're insulting him/her with your comment. When you do it right, your joke will hopefully get laughs and help everyone relax.


Stay Off Of Your Phone

What do you do when you're self-conscious and don't know what to do? Probably grab your phone and pretend to look busy, right? It can work in a lot of situations, but this isn't the best one for it. In fact, it can make you look rude and like you're not interested at all. Unless this is a terrible date, that's probably not the impression you want to have. The exception is if you want to show your date something on your phone. If you're going on your phone to bond with your date, it'll work.


Consider Having A Group Date

A group date is a great way for getting to know your date without the awkwardness of being a twosome. There are some considerations like whether you and your date have the same group of friends and whether you'd be able to go on a group outing without it being weird or turning into a joke fest. If you and your date don't hang around with the same people, it's more difficult because you probably don't want to add more new people into the fix.


Try Prepping Some Conversation Topics

This might sound really lame, but you will likely be happy you did. Think about things you're interested in, timely but not-controversial things that are going on pop culture, what's going on with school, holidays, sports, etc. I know that you're probably going to be looking at your date on social media prior to the big date so you can take inspiration from some of his/her posts. Just be careful that you don't make it creepy. You don't want to reference things you saw your crush doing on Instagram or about a tweet he/she sent three weeks ago. You also don't want to pretend to be interested in something just because your date is.


Try And Chat Beforehand

Thanks to social media and phones we now have more ways to converse than ever so take advantage of then. If you're already used to texting and/or Snapchatting your date, the conversation and chemistry will hopefully flow naturally when you actually get together in person.


Stop Putting Pressure On Yourself

I want you to try and repeat this over and over on your date. Stop worrying about saying the right thing or looking cute while you're eating a hamburger. Have fun and don't be afraid to showcase your amazing personality. When you're so concerned about everything being *perfect,* you'll likely get freaked out and clam up. That's not what we want. You want to be on this date, so try and enjoy it.


What are your first date tips? Let us know in the comments!


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