15 Expectation Versus Reality Prom Photos

There’s a lot of fake stuff on the internet. Just think about fake news and all of the Photoshopped, filtered, professionally enhanced photos. If you’ve ever shopped online, you might have some firsthand experience of what they show in the virtural reality is definitely not reality. Interestingly, it’s the internet that often calls out the fake stuff online and IRL. Take the viral expectation versus reality photos.

There are countless memes about it that cover pretty much every topic. There are also a number that highlight our ideas about prom versus the cold hard truth. If you’re going to be attending prom, you probably have some definite ideas about things. Unfortunately, what you think is going to happen might not be what actually does.

These prom expectation versus reality photos will make you laugh, nod in agreement, and maybe even shed a few tears. Here are 15 expectation versus reality prom photos that will get you.

1. Prom Music Expectations

Is it possible to ask the DJ to leave?


2. Prom Makeup Expectations

We’ll pass on the contouring, thanks.


3. Prom Dress Shopping Expectations

Beware of online shopping.


4. Harry Potter Expectations

Bonus points for working Harry Potter into things.


5. Prom Food Expectations

Should have eaten before…


6. Prom Bus Expectations

Can you imagine if you actually showed up in a vehicle like the hot air balloon bus?


7. Prom Dress Slit Expectations

Thank goodness for leggings.


8. Friend Prom Photo Expectations

It’s a loooong day.


9. Outside Prom Photo Expectations



10. Prom Boutonniere Expectations

Those things are a pain in the butt to get in the right position.


11. Prom Dance Expectations

Not what you were expecting?


12. Prom Couples Expectations

There’s so much to say.


13. Prom Feelings

Stuff just got real.


14. Prom Photo Expectations

Props to her for having a sense of humor about her adorable photos.


15. Prom Squad Expectations



What are your prom expectations? Let us know in the comments!


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