17 Cat Tattoos That Are The Cutest

Everything is better with cats. Think about the internet, Netflix and chill sessions, and phone cases. If you have a cat — or multiple furry friends — or cats are your favorite animal, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement.

There are lots of ways to show your love of cats from themed clothing to cuddling with your favorite kitty to attending cat appreciation events. (They do exist.) Another thing you could do is get a cat tattoo. If there’s a beloved feline in your life, it could be the perfect tribute. Even general cat tattoos are great because they express yourself and they are squee-inducing.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new tattoo at this very moment, you will still appreciate the adorable ink. Have a look at 17 cat tattoos that are soooo cute.

1. Galaxy Cat Tattoo

Combine a trendy galaxy tattoo with a cat one for cosmic vibes.


2. Cat And The Moon

Talk about setting the scene.


3. Fluffy Cat Face

Not gonna lie, I’m slightly freaking out about how cute this is.


4. Cat And Butterfly



5. Rainbow Watercolor Cat

Who says that you have to stick with a realistic finish? Love these colors and splotches.


6. Graphic Cat Design

This is so modern and very cool.


7. Cat Face

This is adorable. Period.


8. Cat With Sunglasses

The coolest cat in town.


9. Grey Cat Tattoo On Back

This placement is great. The “cat” actually looks like it’s staring at you.


10. Hands Holding Cat

It’ll all about the design.


11. Two-Faced Cat

Light and dark and so pretty.


12. Cat Arm Tattoo

That pose though.


13. Cat Ankle Tattoos

Say hello to Puma and Rikis… ????? #Tattoo #Cattattoo #Dreamcometrue

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One tattoo would be cute, but two? Now we’re talking.


14. Cat And Flowers

The flowers are the perfect frame.


15. Cheshire Cat

Don’t forget about Alice in Wonderland‘s iconic cat. If this is too big, it would work scaled down.


16. Cat And The Planet

Spin that planet, kitty.


17. Half Cat Face

A half cat is just as sweet as a full one.


Which tattoo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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