14 Awkward First Kiss Stories From Reddit

The majority of people, from ourselves to the media to movies, are guilty about building up first kisses to be a really big deal. First kisses are definitely a milestone because they’re the first time you’re locking lips. But, that doesn’t guarantee that things are going to all fireworks and butterflies. First kisses can sometimes be slobbery, awkward, and, erm, garlicky. Think about it: You’re swapping spit with another person for the first time who has a nose, lips, and teeth. You’re nervous, they’re nervous. You want to see what you’re doing but you don’t want your eyes wide open. No wonder things can go wrong. 

If you had a first kiss that didn’t go to plan, no sweat. You might feel ashamed about things, but you shouldn’t. Everyone has awkward kisses. Nay, everyone has terrible kisses. And everyone has them at different moments. If you want to hear about some of the people who had embarrassing first kisses, you’ve come to the right spot.

Have a look at 14 awkward first kiss stories that will make you cringe. If you’ve had your first kiss, hopefully they’ll make you feel better about yours. And if you haven’t had your first kiss, try not to stress. Even if you first one doesn’t go to plan, you’ll likely have countless more opportunities to practice and have a *magical* moment.

1. What do you do about the ending?


Never forget your manners.


2. Like a bird, like a bird.


Even if you don’t see the visual, you can understand the awkwardness.


3. Going in, but missing the main target.


Props to him for trying again.


4. Taking care of business.


The fact the appointment was at the dentist makes it even more awkward.


5. Weak in the knees.




6. When you cannot live down your kiss.


Come on, guys.


7. Yummy?


See, there will always be improvement.


8. Not what you were expecting.




9. Creepy, unsanitary, but kind of adorable.


Any older and it wouldn’t fly.


10. When you miss the bullseye…


Too much pressure.


11. Freakouts happen.


Props for being honest.


12. If there’s blood, it’s gonna be bad.


3/10 so not a complete fail.


13. When you try not to be creepy, but still end up being creepy.


Not even a really epic kiss could have saved things.


14. When you decide to get romantic at work.


Going to have to hold off on smooches for a while.


What’s your first kiss story? Let us know in the comments!


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