7 Things You Need To Stop Thinking About Your Body

We could all do with some more body positivity and self-love in our lives, no matter where we’re at. In the spirit of that, I’m here today to talk about some of the thoughts that could be getting in the way of that.

I’ve previously talked about negative things we need to stop thinking about our boobs, butt, skin, and vagina. Today, I’m going for a more general approach and highlighting things we need to quit thinking about our bodies in general. The trouble is that sometimes we’re not actually aware of how negative our thoughts are. It’s an issue when the thoughts start circling around and around our heads and wind up bringing our self-esteem down. You’re fabulous and you don’t deserve to have any negative thoughts in your head. Keep thinking body positive thoughts and have a look at even things you need to stop thinking about your body.

That You Cannot Wear Something Because Of Your Body

If you love something, you should wear it. Don't restrict yourself from trying things you like because you think that you have the *wrong* body for them. If you like something, pick it up, try it on then see how you feel. Don't let so-called fashion rules or other people's ideas get in the way of wearing something you love and feel good in.

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That You Cannot Do Something Because Of Your Body

How about we do away will all restrictions? It's actually our thoughts that limit us more than anything else. If you think that you cannot run a mile, touch your toes, climb up a tree, whatever, you likely won't because there won't be any motivation. If you think that you can, you will get inspired to do it. With some practice and dedication, you will likely prove yourself wrong.

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That You Need To Change Something About Your Body

You don't need to do anything to your body apart from eating and drinking because that keeps our bodies functioning. As for all of the cosmetic stuff, that's all superficial stuff. Waxing, shaving, bleaching, getting injections and plastic surgery aren't going help your body to function better. What's more, everyone is unique and has different features. Instead of trying to confirm, why not celebrate your individuality?

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That You're The Wrong Height

I want to tell you that whatever height you are is fine. It doesn't matter whether you're petite, tall, or in between. I know you might not be fully convinced, so let me get you to think about it another way: There are people out there who probably wish that they were your height. Everyone always wants what someone else has.

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That You'd Be Happier At A Different Size

Advertisements and other questionable sources try to put this idea in our heads that all our problems will be solved if we're a certain size. It's not the case. You can go up or down a few dress sizes and you will likely still have the same fears, worries, and insecurities. You're still going to stress about school, money, and your family. Happiness isn't linked to a size or a number on the scale.

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That You Need To Look Like The *Instagram Bodies*

Girl, I'm going to be real with you: Instagram is a great place to share photos, but a lot of the shots do not depict reality. There is so much use of Photoshopping, filters, apps, clever angles, and camera effects that what you see online is miles away from the way someone looks like in real life. Stay focused on yourself in the real world and don't let the internet play with your head.

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That You Cannot Wear A Swimsuit

It's almost summer. I know that it can be a difficult time for a lot of people because of *swimsuit season.* It will take some effort, but block out all that nonsense about getting beach body ready. Everyone is ready to wear a swimsuit no matter their shape or size. The only things you need to do to get ready for the beach is pack a towel, swimsuit, and a good sunscreen.

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How do you try and stay body positive? Let us know in the comments!


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