8 Things To Know About Stretch Marks

Not that long ago, stretch marks weren’t really something that we talked about openly. We definitely didn’t have body positive movements encouraging people to love their lines. What’s more, there weren’t celebrities who would open up about having stretch marks because, well, that would likely imply that they were human and not some perfect being. Luckily, that is all changing with people (including celebs) talking about real bodies including stretch marks, acne, cellulite, and more.

You might have followed a lot of the body positive talk about stretch marks, yet you might still be a might fuzzy on what exactly they are and how to treat them. That’s where I come in. Here are eight things to know about stretch marks.

Certain People Are More Susceptible To Them

Stretch marks are pretty much exactly what the name sounds like. They're a mark that's caused when the skin is stretched too quickly. They often occur during rapid growth which is why those who are going through puberty or who are pregnant can be more susceptible to them. People whose weight fluctuates rapidly or those who go through big body changes are also more prone to them.


Your Genes Can Also Play A Factor

Ah, genes. We can thank/blame them for a lot of things and that includes stretch marks. Apparently your genes can make you more prone to stretch marks. So, if your mom, dad, sister, or brothers, have them, it's probable that you will end up with them. Thanks, mom and dad.


They Can Develop Anywhere

Most people associate stretch marks with pregnancy and the marks appearing on the hips and stomach, but they can show up on any area of the body. It makes sense when you think about it in cases of puberty and weight fluctuations. In those cases, the vast majority of the body is changing which means the marks can show up anywhere.


Guys Can Have Them Too

From stretch mark product marketing and the talk surrounding them, you might think that stretch marks are something that only the female species has to deal with. That's not true. Stretch marks are actually very common among women and men who have gone through puberty.


Losing Weight Will Not Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

If you think that gaining weight gave you stretch marks, you might think losing weight will make them go away. That's not the case. Mamas who have given birth can still have marks after they've lost the baby weight. It's not healthy to lose weight quickly for a number of reasons. What's more, rapidly shedding pounds can actually cause new stretch marks to develop. Try to think sensibly by focusing on nourishing your body and loving it and not falling into a trap of restrictive dieting.


They Will Change Over Time

If we're getting technical, stretch marks fall into two categories. The first category is striae rubra. These are what the stretch marks look like when they first appear. They normally look inflamed and can vary in color from pink to red to purple. After a while, they will fade and become silvery white lines. These are referred to as alba.


They Will Not Go Away Completely Without Treatment

Stretch marks will fade with time, but those silvery white alba will remain unless you do something with them. Note that you don't have to treat them. Stretch marks are a perfectly normal thing that's very common. If you're wondering what options are available to treat them, there are over-the-counter remedies like creams. Then there are more intense treatments like laser therapy and microneedling.


Treating New Stretch Marks Is More Effective Than Treating Old Ones

When you spot those reddish, inflamed stretch marks, it's the best time to start treating them. *Young* stretch marks are able to be treated more effectively because there hasn't been time for the scar tissue to develop. That's not to say that there's no point treating stretch marks when they fade to white lines. Exfoliation, massage, and using different stretch mark products can still have an effect.


What did you know about stretch marks? Let us know in the comments!


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