7 Ways To Talk To Strict Parents About Prom

When it comes to prom, you have to worry about finding the perfect dress, getting your ticket, and considering how you’re going to do your hair and makeup. A lot of people also have to consider their strict parents.

Prom is a big deal for you, but it can be a big deal for your parents. I don’t just mean in terms of money, I mean in terms of the event itself. They might think it’s a big occasion for their little girl to attend and they might be worried about what could happen to do. (Don’t chuckle, it’s true.) That’s likely why they might have some rules and concerns about letting you do something.

If you feel that your parents are being too strict and are oppressing you from enjoying prom, how about you talk to them? It could actually make them change their minds. The thing to remember is the way you talk about them can make or break your arguments. Here are seven easy ways to talk to your parents about prom. They’re not guaranteed to change your parents, but if you try and stick with them, they’ll hopefully be more open and understanding.

Try To Think About It From Their Perspective

They might have told you this in your debate class, but it does work. I know it can be hard, but think that your parents were once your age and they might have attended prom and seen some of the crazy stuff people can get up to. They've also heard the rumors. Like I said in the intro, you're their baby and they want to make sure you stay safe. When you consider these points, you can hopefully approach your argument with them in mind.


Be Careful Of Comparing Your Friends' Parents

Are all of your friends able to do something and you're not? It can be helpful to bring in your friends and their parents to strengthen your argument, but you have to be careful. Whining and saying, *But all of my friends are allowed to go* often doesn't have any effect. It just makes you come across as a whiny baby. Sorry, but it's true. Change tact and focus on how all your friends are doing something and you want to be part of the experience, too, and would feel hurt if you weren't. You could also use the time to emphasize what good friends you have and how their parents are reasonable people.


Bring Up Past Experiences

Showing how well you behaved in the past can help put your parents at ease and make them consider giving you more freedom at prom. Did you go to formal before? Have you been to a prom at another school? Did you go on a student exchange or go on a weekend holiday with your friends or boyfriend? Think about times you showcased your independence and they went down well.


Tell Your Parents You're Good

Your parents likely know what a good girl you are, but having some reassurance can help in this situation. They're likely concerned about drinking and drugs so tell them that you're a good girl that isn't interested in any of that. You can also bring your friends into the situation and say they aren't either. Furthermore, you can say what you would do if you were put in a situation with illegal substances.


Avoid Raising Your Voice

I know it can be hard when things aren't going your way, but yelling never solves anything. Neither does stamping your feet, pouting, or punching a pillow. In fact, all of those things can have the opposite effect. They can show your parents that you're not mature enough. Think about it from their perspective. If you cannot have a sensible conversation how are you going to manage at prom?


Choose The Right Time

They say that timing is everything. That can apply when you're looking to your parents to talk about prom. You don't want to try and have the conversation when they're in the middle of something, like making dinner or trying to remember how to get to your aunt's house. In fact, it might be helpful to arrange a time to discuss things.


Know When To Sum Up Your Argument

Some people think that if they go on long enough, they make anyone change their mind. Not so. Going over the same points over and over can make it look like you're whining. Try to keep things brief. If your parents aren't being too receptive, say that you'll let them think about what you're saving then suggest a time to continue the conversation. It should stop them from giving an outright no.


What do your parents think of your prom? Let us know in the comments!


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