How Do I Stop My Skin From Getting Irritated After Shaving?

It’s almost summer which means that if you weren’t thinking about shaving before, you could likely be thinking about it now. Some people shave all months of the year, some don’t shave at all, while some people take a lower maintenance approach to shaving in the cooler months and get back to it when it warms up. No matter when you’re shaving, the thing is that you want to remove hair, but you don’t want to end up with irritated skin.

Razor burn, redness, itchiness, and cuts are not want we want in place of body hair, thank you very much. And the best thing to do is more on preventing irritation after shaving rather than trying to treat it afterwards. Here’s how to stop your skin from getting irritated when you shave.

Help! How do I stop my skin from getting irritated after I shave? It’s the worst.

It’s all about your shaving technique and having the right tools. Don’t stress because you likely already have all of the stuff in your bathroom. You don’t need anything fancy. You need a razor and a good amount of shaving cream. Shaving cream is like lube where the more you have, the better it usually is. You also want to make sure that you’re not dry shaving. No soap and no water will lead to a lot of friction which almost always means irritated skin. If you’re in a rush, it’s actually better to not shave than try and do it. Trust.

Does the razor I use make a difference?

You bet. If you’re using an old razor that has been sitting in a pile of water in your shower for who knows how long, that could be part of your trouble. A clean, sharp, fresh razor is key when shaving. I know that you want to use that razor or those blades for as long as possible but that could be your problem. When you use a dull razor it doesn’t cut through the hair cleanly which can cause irritation. Plus, you likely have to keep going over an area which means more tugging and irritation. Also, dull blades don’t cut the hair properly which can lead to itchiness and razor burn.

Is there anything I should do to my skin before you shave?

Some suggest exfoliating beforehand because that removes dead skin cells which can clog up your razor and prevent a smooth shave. If you have sensitive skin, look for body scrubs suitable for your skin type. Or, you can try exfoliating a day before you shave.

What about when I’m in the shower?

Instead of shaving as soon as you jump in, try waiting a few minutes because the hot water from the shower will allow pores to open up and skin to soften. That should make shaving smoother. Try washing your hair instead of shaving. Some follow the hot-cold method where they use hot water to soften the skin before shaving then use cool water when they’re done shaving to soothe the skin and “close” the pores.

Any other tips?

Don’t keep on going over the same area multiple times to remove every single hair. Go over an area once or twice and leave it be for now. If you’re very sensitive, some people find it more effective to shave with the grain as opposed to against it. You might not get as close of a shave, but skin could be less irritated.

Is there anything I should apply post-shave?

There are some soothing products that are specifically meant to treat skin after shaving. The post-shave gels often contain calming ingredients like aloe and cucumber. To save yourself some money, I would try the other tips first. If you still find skin is irritated then you can consider using a soothing post-shave treatment.

You should also consider what not to put on skin after shaving. Heavy creams and body lotions, especially those containing fragrances or colors, can irritate skin. Try to avoid putting unnecessary products on skin as that can just lead to more irritation. You’ll probably want to still moisturize so look for a formula for sensitive skin. And watch out for medicated body products for treating acne as the ingredients that fight pimples can be harsh when applied to freshly shaved skin.

What are your shaving tips? Let us know in the comments!


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