16 Easy Nail Art Ideas To Try For Prom

I’ve talked a lot about prom hair and makeup ideas, but we cannot forget nails. A manicure can be as much of a finishing touch for an outfit as a cute pair of shoes or a sparkly clutch. If you’re in the process of looking for a nail polish that matches your dress, I encourage you not to stop there. How about you consider adding some nail art?

I know what you’re going to say: “I can barely paint my nails and you expect me to add nail art?” I get it. There’s a lot of seriously complicated nail art out there that looks like 10 mini works of art. It’s impressive, but it’s not something nail art newbies could pick up on. Nor do most people who are going to prom have 20 hours to dedicate to their nails.

It’s not all elaborate nail art. There are some pretty manicure ideas that are actually easy. You know what? They’re just as striking as some of the fancier looks. Here are 16 easy nail art ideas that would be brilliant for prom. I know you can do them.

1. Silver And Pale Pink Nails

It’s all about the glitter. Notice how the glitter fades out towards the tips?


2. Long Yellow Nails And Gold Glitter

You can tweak the length of your nails. The thing to copy is the different glitter effects.


3. Rhinestone Nails

Try something besides a glitter top coat.


4. Pink Manicure With Glitter French Accents

The best thing about glitter is that you don’t have to worry about straight lines.


5. Different Glitters

Experiment with different shades of glitter.  If you can’t find them in a topcoat, hit up the crafts store.


6. Gold Glitter Moons And Stripes

If you’re feeling confident, try this nail art. Nail tape will give you crisp lines.


7. Neutral Nails And Silver Glitter

Notice the way the glitter fades on the nail?


8. Pale Pink Nails And Gold Moons

With a bit of nail tape, this is easy-peasy.


9. Black, Pale Pink, And Glitter Nails

It’s all about the contrasts.


10. Black Nails With Gold Glitter

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The cascading effect means you don’t have to worry about straight edges or lines.


11. White Nails With Crystals

Try a cluster of crystals on a few nails for major sparkle.


12. Yellow Nails With Stripes

The secret to this look is decorative nail tape. The fade-out design is a cool addition and something that’s pretty easy to do.


13. Navy Nails With Silver Glitter

If you’re wearing a blue dress, try this shimmery accent nail.


14. Purple Nails With Glitter Stripes

Freehand those glitter stripes and don’t worry about them being 100 percent straight.


15. Two-Toned French Manicure

Half way to the weekend!!! How perfect are these simple prom nails??

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Wear your school’s colors or match your nails to the shades in your dress.


16. Silver And Blue Triangles

This is sharp.


What manicure is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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