20 Style Tips On How To Wear Kitten Heels

I know that what you’re thinking: “Heels? Heels are for fancy occasions. They’re too uncomfortable to wear every day.” I’m not going to completely disagree with you. Those are definitely some valid points, but I’m not talking about some super-high pair of stilettos. I’m talking about kitten heels.

Kitten heels are the heels for people who cannot wear heels. They add an inch or two to your height, but they’re still comfortable and easy to walk in. They’re also #trending this year. While you might think they’re a piece meant for *fancy* outfits, they can actually be worked into almost any look. Have a look at 20 style tips on how to work kitten heels into your wardrobe every day.

1. Black Dress And Kitten Heels

Rule of a lady, 3 words : Little. Black. Dress

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Wear this now and wear it for years to come.


2. Biker Jacket, Jeans, And Floral Kitten Heels

Home is where the food court is. #cheeksfordays

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The patterned shoes add a pretty girly vibe to the edgy jacket and jeans.


3. Ruffled Blouse, Overalls, And Kitten Heels

This is so cute! Look at the heart design on the shoes. Awwww.


4. Floaty Dress And White Kitten Heel Boots

Off to the races ? #kentuckyderby

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Bet you weren’t expecting this. White boots are trendy and so are kitten heels so why not combine them together? A flirty floral dress keeps things interesting.


5. Beige Sweater, Light Jeans, And Kitten Heels

Here’s how you can dress up your weekend look but still be comfortable.


6. Red Jacket And Top, Beige Pants, And Red Kitten Heels

Ditch the jeans for beige pants. Then coordinate your shoes with your top(s).


7. Trench Coat, Black, Dress, And Kitten Heels

How I carry handbags ? #baginbag #kittenheels #netbag #modestfashion #scandistyle

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These are all neutral colors, but the outfit still slays. Note the white sunglasses.


8. Striped Top, Asymmetrical Skirt, And Kitten Heels

When you have heels this cute, don’t hide them under a skirt. Love how her shoes match her hair.


9. White Dress, Kitten Heels, And Floppy Hat

Try something besides sandals.


10. Off-The-Shoulder Blouse, Midi Skirt, And Kitten Heels

Happy Friday?

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Let’s not forget about separates. The pretty off-the-shoulder top and midi skirt work for spring and summer.


11. Crop Top, Mom Jeans, And Kitten Heels

You probably didn’t think about putting kitten heels with mom jeans, but this shows it works. Try a sweater tied around your waist.


12. Printed Dress And Kitten Heels

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You don’t need to wear sky-high heels with a long dress. If you can find fuzzy kitten heels, try them out.


13. Polka Dot Dress And White Kitten heels

You can’t go wrong with coordinating your dress and kitten heels.


14. Brown Jacket, Black Skinny Jeans, And Kitten Heels

This could be your everyday uniform.


15. Blazer, White Top, Skinny Black Pants, And Kitten Heels

Need something more formal? This is your look.


16. T-Shirt, Cropped Pants, And Kitten Heels

Coat, scarf, socks and gloves all out of shot ?

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Elevate basics with cute kitten heels and a newsboy cap.


17. All White With Metallic Kitten Heels

The silver shoes are as fresh as the rest of the look.


18. Belted Dress And White Kitten Heels

Pastels and white always look good together, especially when it’s spring.


19. White Crop Top, Jeans, And Kitten Heels

Jeans and kitten heels type of day ✨

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This would look cute with flats, but the kitten heels dress it up just enough.


20. Turtleneck, Mini Skirt, And Kitten Heels

The solution to dealing with spring’s unpredictable weather.


What do you think of kitten heels? Let us know in the comments!


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