15 Things Every Parent Does During Prom Season

Oh, parents. They mean well but sometimes you just wish that they could disappear into a hole … or you wish that you could be the one to take cover in said hole after your parents do something cringe-worthy. It can be a regular occurrence, but prom season produces a whole new set of things for parents to do and say.

Prom is a special occasion and a big deal for many so you can see why parents get caught up in it, just like the rest of us. It might sometimes be hard to see, but their intentions are good and they want to be involved because they know it’s a big deal for you. I know this tidbit might be hard to remember when your parents are doing something embarrassing. But, try to remember it. Also know that 99.999 percent of parents are doing the same things. Here are 15 things that every parent does during prom season:

1. Compare your prom to theirs and how “things are all so different.”

They might not have even gone to prom, but they will still reference some “old prom that was sooooo different from what it has become today.”


2. Get anxious about the cost of everything.

You thought their eyes were going to explode when dress shopping so you don’t even want to think about when you factor in shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry, a clutch, the limo, a corsage, the prom ticket, and 824 other things.


3. Get very invested in your dress choices.

Sometimes it seems like your mom is actually the one wearing the dress. It makes you not want to think about what it would be like if you ever have to buy a wedding dress.


4. Ask who you’re going with.

And ask again. And ask again. It doesn’t matter whether you have a SO or you said you’re going with friends, they will keep asking in case there’s a different answer.


5. And ask who everyone else is going with.

Your parents won’t just be curious about your squad, they’ll be curious about everyone in your school. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know most of the people. They want the details.


6. Try to look for creative ways to save money.

“Could you wear your sister’s dress? Would you like your aunt to do your hair and makeup? Dad could drive you and your friends to prom? Have you looked at the sale rack for dresses?”


7. They talk about how they cannot believe how fast you’ve growing up.

“It only seems like a few years ago you were in diapers and now my little girl is all grown up and going to prom in a fancy dress…”


8. Question you about what exactly you’re going to be doing post-prom.

Are you going away for the weekend? With who? Where? How much is it going to be? Do their parents know? Is this safe? And multiply all of that by a million.


9. Warn you about the importance of being a good girl and avoiding any illegal activities.

You had the talk at school about drinking and drugs, but you’re still going to get it from your parents even though you’re a good girl.


10. Give you another talk about the importance of protection.

They’ve seen the stats and teen movies about what goes down on prom night so you’re going to get a birds and bees talk no matter what.


11. Fail to understand why you’re getting stressed.

If they went to prom, they often just remember the night. They forget about how the lead up can be stressful AF.


12. Attempt to take 10,000 photos of you despite not knowing how to work the camera.

They’ve used the camera/phone how many times yet they still cannot figure out how to work it.


13. …Then they start offering you suggestions on how to pose.

Just no.


14. Get really emotional.

If you haven’t experienced them already, be prepared for a few tears. It could be when they see their credit card bills or it could be when they see you in your prom dress. There will likely be a waterworks situation when you leave for prom.


15. Give you instructions about what to do if you’re in an “uncomfortable” situation.

After all of the talk about drugs, drinking, and sex, it usually ends with promise that they will come and pick you up no matter how late it is if you’re in a situation you don’t like. Got to love them.


What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done? Let us know in the comments!


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