17 Of The Cutest Promposal Signs

During prom season, some of the cutest moments actually happen before the big night thanks to promposals. Sometimes promposals might get a bad rap for being cheesy, offensive, and unnecessarily expensive, but when they’re kept simple, they can be downright adorable. That leads me to promposal signs.

You might not think that a piece of colorful cardboard, some fancy lettering, and a pun-tastic message would be the things that are most memorable about prom, but sometimes they are. Even if you’re not the one making or receiving the sign, you might remember a prompossal sign for being so adorable.

Get ready to say “awwwww.” Here are 17 of the cutest promposal signs. If you see any you like, remember them for next year, if you want to ask a date.

1. So much better than succulents. 

he gave me a cactus so of course I had to say yes ?#promposal

A post shared by Shae Mullins (@himynameisshae) on

Bravo for the original idea and cute drawing.


2. For the foodies…

Is it wrong to eat all of the nuggets by yourself after getting asked?


3. When you tie in the nickname…

Who else is going bananas for all of the adorable puns?


4. Best Friends Promposal

who needs a man when you have best friends?? ? #promposal

A post shared by nye – are – uh (@niarabt) on

I love this so much. #SquadGoals


5. *Glow*

This is the one for all highlighter and strobing lovers.


6. A way to rework the classic teddy bear.

She said yes! #promposal @duncanp123 @kglav29

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You can’t say no to that bear.


7. For all Friends lovers…

Extra points for putting a mini version of the Friends door on the poster.


8. Awwww….

All the feels.


9. For all Star Wars fans…

Is it appropriate to say, “May the Force be with you?”


10. Can’t go wrong with the pizza…

We’ll all take extra cheese.


11. How cute is this?

Major sign creativity points.


12. You had us at food.

Today was interesting❤️? going to prom #promposal

A post shared by Alex ?? (@king_alex914) on

Hands up if you’ve seen a cannoli promposal before?


13. Dance, dance.

Has your heart melted yet?


14. Super stuff.

I love how she instructs him what to do if the answer is yes or no.


15. When you get the friends involved…

There’s a bit more involved than one sign, but look at this, you guys.


16. Roll it up.

Best sushi date ever.


17.  Don’t let the petals fall.

Way to work in the Disney reference.


What’s your favorite promposal sign? Let us know in the comments!

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