14 Tweets About Homework That You’ll Totally Relate To

Unfortunately, homework is as much a part of school as ridiculous rules that make no sense as having to deal with really strict rules about bizarre times. (Why does lunch have to be at 12:18 a not 12 or 12:30?) Even though we know that homework is annoying AF, it has to be done. If you’ve been hitting the books hard and are looking for something to get your mind off it, Twitter is always a good place to go. Instead of just scrolling through your feed, I’ve rounded up some real tweets about the struggles of homework for your enjoyment. Here are 14 tweets about homework that you’ll definitely relate to:

1. You’re not alone.



2. You’ve thought about it…

Think they would believe it this time?


3. So true.

There’s always so much conflict.


4. How easily parents forget.

Don’t they know what it’s like?


5. Homework is evil.

Who created this monster?!


6. How did this happen?



7. Yup

Don’t you know I’m human, too?


8. Some strategic motivation.



9. Come On

Is this karma of some sort?


10. You know it’s bad when…



11. It’s all of us.



12. The truth.

Is anyone ever really in a mood to do homework?


13. When you know you have sooooooo much to do.

Sleep? Yeah, not happening.


14. When you want to read, but not what the teachers want you to read.

How about something interesting?


Do you tweet about homework? Let us know in the comments!

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