7 Things To Know Before You Wear A Bralette

Are you fed up with underwires? Does just the idea of putting on a bra make you want to go and crawl under the covers of your bed? Have you thought about going braless, but you’re not quite ready to go without any support? Perhaps it’s time you considered wearing a bralette.

A bralette is a good compromise between a molded bra with underwires and going braless. A bralette still offers some support and coverage but without that dreaded underwire. If you’re thinking that a bralette sounds amazing, you might be ready to burn your bras and go bralette shopping. Let’s not go that far quite yet. While some people love bralettes, there are others who prefer to wear a *proper* bra. And there are some considerations to help you decide what’s best for you and your boobs. Here are seven things to know about making the switch from bras to bralettes.

The Sizing Will Be Different

When bra shopping, there are a lot of sizes to choose from. You have a band size and a cup size to get the right measurement. With bralettes, you don't really have that. Bralettes are typical sized as straight numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. or they're sized like a T-shirt, i.e. small, medium, large. Because of this, there are less sizing options. So, you might find it harder to get the right size or you might find that you're in between sizes. Girls with larger boobs might also find bralettes don't go big enough to accommodate their girls.

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Those With Big Boobs Might Have A Hard Time With The Lack Of Support

If you have big boobs, you will want to consider whether a bralette will provide enough support for you. Bralettes typically have thin straps, no underwires, and no molded cups which means that the only thing holding you girls in place are some thin elastics. Before you commit to a bralette, wear it around the change room and try moving and bending over and see how your girls are. Also, consider how active your lifestyle is— apart from the gym when you're wearing a sports bra. If you're someone who walks a lot, you might find a bralette makes your chest a bit too bouncy when pounding the pavement.

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You Might Be More Conscious About Your Nipples

Bralettes are made out of thin materials like lace and cotton. If you're used to wearing a lined or padded bra, the thin material of a bralette could make you feel self-conscious about your nipples. There is nothing wrong with the shape of your nipples showing through your top. Everyone has nipples. That being said, there are people who are comfortable with it and there are people who aren't. You have to decide where you fall. You might be someone who will wear bralettes but only when wearing a thicker top.

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It Could Feel Like You're Wearing Nothing At All

This goes along with the nipple coverage thing. Bralettes are very lightweight. That's part of the reason that they can be very comfortable and feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Of course, there are good and bad points to feeling like you're not wearing anything. Some people might find it freeing while some might feel very exposed. If you're feeling self-conscious, try wearing bralettes for a few days in a row and see if you feel more comfortable at the end of it.

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There Are Usually No Fasteners

For the most part, bralettes don't have hook and eyes or front closures like regular bras. They're normally made with elastics and you have to wiggle them over your head and position them in place. Some people won't mind while others will want to hold out until they track down a bralette with a fastener. Note that if you don't have a bralette with a fastener, you will need to buy a new one once it stretches out. At least with hook and eye closures you can move the eye over to a tighter hook.

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They're About The Same Price As Regular Underwire Bras

If you're hoping to save money by switching from a bra to bralette, you likely won't save in the long run. Bralettes might be a few dollars cheaper than some bras, but it's nothing major. What's more, you might find yourself having to buy bralettes more frequently than regular bras because of the way they stretch out.

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There Are A Few Different Styles

There are a lot of cute bralettes so you should be able to find one you like that's in your size. Like I mentioned, you can get ones with hook closures and there are even some padded and push-up versions. I will let you debate about whether those are still considered bralettes. You should also know the difference between functional bralettes and fancier bralettes that are really just tops. When it comes to the latter one, they might look cool, but they will look very lumpy under clothes and not have good support.

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What’s your favorite kind of bra? Let us know in the comments!

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