How To Feel More Comfortable Being Naked In Front Of Bae

We can feel uncomfortable or awkward when we’re around people, including our significant others, when we’re fully clothed. When you’re butt naked in front of someone, the feelings probably intensify. Even if you’re very attracted to the other person and you’re completely into the hookup, there can still be a voice in the back of your head that’s critiquing your body. It’s wrong because you should be feeling confident and enjoying the moment. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier said than done.

If you’re still feeling self-conscious around bae when you’re naked, here are some ways to feel more comfortable.

Consider The Setting

When you're hooking up, comfort is key. If you're feeling self-conscious about hooking up on the sofa in full sunlight, maybe you'd feel more confident about getting it on in a bedroom at night. Choose surroundings that make you feel good so you can stop stressing and enjoy the act.

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Consider Talking To Bae About Your Insecurities

Relationships are about being honest with each other. If you find that you're conflicted because you want to enjoy your hookups with bae, but you feel very self-conscious, consider talking to bae about it. Your SO should be able to reassure you and hopefully the two of you can work together to find a way to make you feel more comfortable. For example, you might feel more comfortable hooking up in a place with fewer mirrors or if you were in a certain position.

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Consider Ways You Can Gain Confidence In Your Body

Don't think about this just in terms of hooking up. Think about how you can boost your self-esteem. Maybe, completing some challenge that shows your strength will give you a confidence boost, or maybe walking around your room naked can help. Buy a cute new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Write your thoughts down in a journal. Don't be afraid to try anything.

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Realize That Bae Is Very, Very Attracted To You The Way You Are

This might seem obvious, but I need to say it because some people can forget about it. When you become so focused on your body's hang ups, you can start to think that everyone thinks the same things about your body. You know what? You are your toughest critic. What's more, I bet bae is your biggest fan. Your SO would not be in this situation right now if he/she didn't find you completely attractive from head to toe.

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Know That Bae Is Focusing On Making You Feel Good

If you and bae are both naked, there's probably some sexy activities of some kind going on. And those are going to be the focus. Bae will probably be so focused on trying to please you and look like a sex expert than he/she won't notice whether your legs are shaved or take note of that stray nipple hair. Yeah, your SO will definitely notice your body, but it will from the perspective of appreciating it and making you feel good.

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And Be Aware That Your SO Might Be Feeling The Same Way As You

You might not believe me when I saw this, but it's true. Your significant other might come off all confident, but I guarantee he/she has body parts he/she feels self-conscious about. We all do. You might think that bae is flawless, but he/she is still a person and all people will have areas they're concerned about.

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Repeat Body Positive Affirmations

You'll probably want to save these for when you're not in the middle of a hookup, but if bae is into the idea of you shouting them while you're hooking up, go for it. It might sound cheesy, but looking at yourself in the mirror and saying body positive things can change your perspective. Look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself in the eyes and say you're beautiful. And mean it. It might seem difficult at first, but it should get easier and hopefully you will start to believe it. You are gorgeous, girl.

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What are your tips for feeling more comfortable being naked? Let us know in the comments!

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