18 Pretty Ways To Wear Hair Accessories For Prom

If you’re going to prom, you have lots of decisions to make. Thankfully, they shouldn’t be too arduous given that prom is a fun event. Deciding what dress to wear is one of the bigger decisions and so is deciding on your hairstyle.

Do you have an idea about what you want your prom hairstyle to look like? Or, are you completely clueless and you’re looking for some inspiration? No matter where you stand, I’d like you to consider incorporating hair accessories into you look. Hair accessories are great because they can work with almost any hairstyle whether you wear your hair up, half up, or down. Plus, there are so many accessories to choose from including barrettes, tiaras, headbands, and even flowers.

With so many options, you might struggle to narrow it down. Whatever look you decide on, I know it will be fabulous. Here are 18 gorgeous ways to wear hair accessories in your hair for prom.

1. Undone Updo With Flowers

Love the contrast of the flowers with her pink streaks.


2. Bobby Pin Braid

Even humble bobby pins can create a next-level prom lewk.


3. Twisted Hair and Accessory

If you know what kind of hairstyle you want, try to look for a hair accessory that complements its shape. See the way the clips swirls around the bun?


4. Twisted Updo With Clip

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Talk about a surprise in the back.


5. Pink Braided Hair With Blue Band

This pink hair color and fishtail braid are gorgeous, but it’s this hair accessory that takes it over the top. Don’t be afraid to use one with some color.


6. Tulle Barrette With Waves

Wearing your hair down? Try a tulle clip, like this one. They’ll definitely see you coming.


7. Half Updo With Stars

This is amazing.


8. Soft Updo With Crystal Clip

It’s hairstyles like this that make you want to try hair combs.


9. Rose Hair Clip

This hair clip can work on hair of any length.


10. Braid With Embellishment Updo

Just ignore the mannequin head and check out these cool hair crystals.


11. Dutch Braid With Flowers

Were you thinking about a different kind of hair accessory? Faux flowers can be as pretty as any barrette or headband, especially when they’re trailing down a Dutch braid.


12. Bun With Curved Clip

Frame that bun with a hair accessory.


13. Prom Headband

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Because I know that you want to wear a tiara.


14. Baby’s Breath with Natural Hair

Just look at that placement. #Slay


15. Embellished Twisted Updo

Wanhojen kampaus? #wanhat2018 #promhair #hairdresserstudent

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All of the twists and curls are gorgeous but the sparkly clip takes it to the next level.


16. Braided Bun With Yellow Flowers

I am the worst at taking after photos. But I did get tagged in this one ?#promhair

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Try matching the color of your flowers to your dress.


17. Updo With Multiple Hair Accessories

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Don’t stop at once accessory. Tuck a few into a tousled bun.


18. Low Updo With Florals

How romantic is this?


Do you have an idea of how you want to style your hair for prom? Let us know in the comments!

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16 Cute Twisted Hair Ideas For Prom

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