7 Signs You Need To Chill

We might talk a lot about Netflix and chill, but how often do we actually chill? Our lives have never been busier, there are more things to do than ever, and it seems that being super-stressed is just the norm. It shouldn’t be that way and it’s thinking like that this that can make us become exhausted, burnt out, and even more stressed.

The problem is, sometimes we don’t even realize we’re in danger of becoming over-exhausted. You might be so focused on getting stuff done, accomplishing your goals, and following the crazy rat race that is life that you fail to realize that you need to chill. I’ve been there many of times. And I can speak from experience when I say that when you stop and take a break, you actually get better results when you go back to your to-do list.

Here are seven signs you need to chill. If you find yourself relating to all of them or even just a couple of them, try to make an effort to stop, take a deep breath, and relax. Everyone deserves a break. That includes you, missy.

Sometimes You Feel So Overwhelmed You Don't Know Where To Start

Do you think about your endless to-do list and get so overwhelmed that you feel frozen? Do you feel like there's this cyclone of things to do and you're stuck in the middle of it yet you cannot move? I've definitely felt this way before. You might think that it's procrastinating, but if you feel smothered by all the things you're *supposed* to be doing, it's more than that. It shows that you're stressed and need to chill.

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You Don't Remember The Last Time You Did Nothing

I want you to have a good think about this. Can you give me a day where you just relaxed and you didn't have any plans or things to do? What about an afternoon? Bueller ... Bueller? Nope? If you cannot think of a time when you properly chilled, guess what, you need to chill ASAP. If you can remember a day, you still should be chilling more because I bet it was a while ago. Make a conscious effort to chill more. If you have to put reminders on your phone or on your calendar, do it.

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You Freak Out About Something Going Wrong Before Anything Has Happened

It's great to be proactive, but it's an issue when you freak out about the idea of things going wrong when everything has been going well. Be aware that there's a difference between anticipating and being prepared for something to go wrong and dreading it. Are you stressing that you're going to fail a math test when your teacher hasn't even assigned it? Are you stressing about what to get your mom for her birthday and it's not for another three months? Stop, girl. You need to get out of this thought cycle and you need to relax.

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You Can Feel Your Heart Racing When You're Not Doing Any Physical Activity

If you heart is racing and you're not jogging or around your crush, it could be a sign that you're stressing out and you seriously need to chill. When most of us are stressed, it gets the blood pumping and the heart beating. This is doing no favors to your mental or physical health. Stop whatever you're doing and try to take an honest look at why you're getting so worked up. If you need to have a breather, take one.

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You Feel Like You're Missing Out On Something

This might seem a bit backwards, but stay with me. Do you have a constant case of FOMO? Feeling like you have to do everything and be up to speed with everything that's happening on social media is actually an indicator that you need to chill more. Remember, you don't have to do everything. This isn't a competition. I know that you might want to do everything, but don't feel you need to. It's good not to have a schedule with every hour planned out.

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You Feel Guilty For Not Doing Things And Taking Breaks

When you actually have a moment of quiet time, do you actually enjoy it? Or, do you spend the entire time feeling guilty that you're not getting stuff done? If you're stressing when you're supposed to be chilling, it sounds like you're overwhelmed. I know that it can be hard to shut your mind off when you have an ever-growing to-do list, but you need this chill time for yourself. And you should never feel guilty for taking a break. Life isn't all work, work, work. It's about balance.

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You Love It When People Know You As A Busy Bee

If you actually love to be busy, it might be hard to recognize that you're too busy and need to chill. It only makes matters worse if people talk about you being the great multitasking busy bee. As much as you like to always be on the go, you owe it to your body and mind to take some time off and chillax. You should also ask yourself why you feel the need to always be so busy. There could be some deeper things going on.

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How do you deal with stress? Let us know in the comments!

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